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  1. This is great. There's not many sexual situations worse than a (I'm trying to think of a better phrase than "half hearted", but it doesn't exist) half hearted handjob, and you've come up with a wonderful strategy for making it end before things get weird, with the options being: -you go limp +/- blue balls -you take over and finish for/on her -r I'm bad at the whole "we are going to have sex for the first time in this specific time and place" thing. Are you nervous? I'd be nervous. Well, if I cared.
  2. I told you, I'm well adjusted, a full run is way overkill for this guy. Two jumping jacks and I don't even remember what I was upset about.
  3. I'm moderately sad to have missed the past week around here...there was some funny stuff, an interesting discussion full of some horribly misguided (and therefore funny) opinions, etc. Like the good old days. I'd like to comment on all of it, but even though I was enjoying the catch-up I still didn't feel like reading more than a handful of pages. Plus I'm supposed to be packing right now. This was one of the funny ones. I haven't been able to follow this whole Napa depression thing. All I know is it's new to me (that it's real) and I'm upset about it. People d
  4. Mhm, yep, this really is pretty funny.
  5. I like real boobs, even on strippers. All I know about the above abbreviation's spelling is that yours is incorrect.
  6. Good point. It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Peace out, bitches.
  7. I'm gonna miss you too. Are we going to miss each other because one of us is leaving? Is it me? I guess it's probably me, but I'll most likely end up being around more often than I'm expecting.
  8. Credit cards stress me the fuck out. I think the most exciting part about starting work next month will be the fact that I'll finally be able to pay them off...and start the process of paying off school loans and helping keep my girlfriend afloat while she pays hers. Might as well just check awkward and save some time.
  9. Science IS hard! Thanks, that was all quite nice of you to say. And I also fell in love with the drive-by Nicholson interview. Usually if shake recommends a movie like Silver Linings I'd automatically not watch it, but I think I may still give it a shot. I'm pretty sure he can't get mad at you for registering for something he told you to register for.
  10. Thanks everyone. The girlfriend got an ipad from her parents for graduation. We just got home from a graduation party, and we're both pretty drunk, but instead of doing things drunk people should do she's on the floor trying to convince the cats to play with some cat ipad game.
  11. In about 4 hours I'll officially be a doctor. Sort of. You know, an animal doctor. Creepy.
  12. The timing of this coming after the multi-gif was incredible.
  13. Mila is consistently chosen or voted sexiest woman in the world. She's a very clear #1 seed. Selena Gomez...I'm guessing that your age and daughter-havingness makes you against being attracted to women who look young. We don't all have that problem. I agree that Miley Cyrus even being on the list at all is ridiculous.
  14. And you TOTALLY NAILED ALL OF THEM! Yep. I was going to comment that this would be funny, but then... That would be legitimately hilarious.
  15. I tried, but now The Impression That I Get is stuck in my head, so it's a lost cause.
  16. I'm now picturing him as the lead singer of a ska band, with you skanking your little heart out on the side of the stage.
  17. I vaguely remember thinking that there were many posters I should lose to, RodReynolds not being among them
  18. It's a great choice for women with the mutated gene. At some point in the next 10-15 years she should have a hysterectomy as well. Shit, for a few hundred bucks I'll spay her. We email every 3-6 months, usually just one back and forth. We broke up on good terms and are both happy with our current lives and relationships, so there's no reason not to be friends. We wouldn't have dated for so long if we weren't compatible as friends anyway, and there's no bitterness on any level, so it seems pretty normal to me. Edit: Usually there's some driving force for an initial email...this
  19. So I just emailed back and forth with the ex a few times, which is a bit awkward because she lives in New York and we're going to meet up after I move there. Awkward because for years she wanted to move there and I always said hell no. I may have said hells no, actually. Oh well.
  20. Thank god, I'll finally be living in a place with multiple options for area rugs. Oh, the rug district! Ohhhhhhh
  21. I actually do need to buy an area rug or two. And a bunch of space-saving kitchen stuff...magnetic knife rack, spice rack, etc. Our new kitchen will have about 1/3 of the space we currently enjoy. Edit: You know, in case anyone was wondering.
  22. Not completely random, no. I really feel like this is TSF's year. If they go to a lesser school there's a lesser chance that they'll have all that NBA money to waste. It was really more of a hobby.
  23. I don't either. You should try to get back on that spacefox (or whatever) team. I thought you were already a landowner? Or maybe you don't consider the shack to be on real land. I WON ONE! Play it cool, speedz. Play it cool.
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