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  1. That's a handsome dog right there. Pro tip: Walk him down the sidewalk in the center of town during prime brunch hours, and have him carry a cute toy or rawhide bone. The ladies go nuts over that one and are just the right amount of tipsy.


    I'm impressed you remember the blue three piece suit. I actually have two of them - the salvation army special (which I recently had tailored) and the actual fancy one. My white dress shoes with the embroidered dragons might be done for though - I danced in them too hard and my feet hurt for the next week. The women in my life were not impressed, since that happens to them all the time, but I'd rather have feet that don't hurt after dancing.

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  2. Hey, Speedz.


    I got a dog, did you see that? Could have used you a few weeks ago to phone in a tapeworm prescription and save me $100 but no big deal. He's worth it.


    I didn't see that - congrats! And sorry? Pic please.


    I saw a pit bull puppy yesterday that ate a bunch of his owner's weed and was high as a ************. It was amazing, even for a pot dog (which is relatively common).


    Just called the fancy suit store where I spent a crazy amount for my wedding attire because my fiancé wanted me to look nice. They said the vest would be ready in 6 weeks. It's been 6 weeks, and when I called they got in touch with "special events" or whatever the ****, who told them that the vest can't be made because the mill doesn't use that color anymore. This is why everything I own is cheap and shitty, there'd be no need to get this annoyed at poor service. Now I have to go back to a fancy suit shop, pick out another fancy suit, and go back a week later once it's tailored. **** you, fancy suit shop. **** you.

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  3. Hi Speedz! How's the vet business?


    Oh, you know. Cat scans and lab tests, also other terrible jokes. You get the idea.


    I kid - it's awesome most of the time, and horrible a small percentage of the time. I don't like days when I give death sentences to multiple beloved pets.


    Scram didn't make it, we can assume because he did not share so here.


    My guess is speedz is doing well. His lady is likely prgnant or soon to be so. His life is content and he doesn't miss us at all.


    Maybe he's just biding his time.


    She is not pregnant, nor will she be for at least a few years, possibly ever. My life is mostly content.


    I don't think anyone misses us at all if I had to guess


    I don't know that this is accurate. I don't constantly think about you guys, but I'd say that at least once a week something about online forums or poker comes up, and I think about how much I enjoyed the time in my life when I could shoot the shit and be funny with you bozos on a regular basis.

  4. You would think that there were more than 350 million quick picks. I wonder how the machines work, in regards to duplicate numbers generated.


    I think it's completely random, so it's possible that with so many tickets being generated there will be multiple duplicates but some that aren't used at all. I mean, I'm making that up, but it sounds right.

  5. Definitely a shit beer.


    Had a bunch of singles left in the fridge, working my way through them:


    You beer snobs may be interested to know that I consistently get deliveries of Hill Farmstead from my dad. Close family friend is part of their management team, which works out great for me.


    No one won. They are estimating 1.3 billion, but I would guess that it will be 1.5b or higher.


    Sweet, there's still a chance!

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  6. was 1994 Sandra Bullock, as seen in the incredibly awesome movie SPEED, one of the most wifeable women of all time? she is just so beautiful. what a wildcat.


    Plus the internet really never would have been popularized without THE NET.


    everyone get their powerball tickets? i went in for 30 bucks. why the hell not when its gonna get near 1 billion.


    Go me one ticket! Figure that's enough to let me daydream until I found out I lost.

  7. i'm VERY suspicious of any girl that messages me first on tinder. i'm assuming there its something really wrong with her. am i safe in this assumption?


    90% of the time, yes. But would it be worth it for the 10%?


    the music isn't the issue, its the idea of going to a festival, like a hippie. i don't stand among the commoners, i lord above them or i stay home.


    The bigger problem is that it's not just harmless hippies anymore. It's a few hippies, some hipsters, some weirdo EDM people (whatever they're called), and a bunch of complete douchebags.

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  8. Governors Ball just announced and the lineup is crazy good and I'm going to be in Boston that weekend. Speedz....can I crash at your place for a night?


    Of course! I don't keep up with the festival circuit, but as long as it's not the first weekend in June absolutely anything else should be fine!

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  9. Uh, nice ones? Just above the ankle. Kind of designed like ski socks if we're talking aesthetics. Fairly warm.


    I'll post the brand when I get home, since I'm sure you're not the only man waiting on the edge of his seat.

  10. REI has/had a rare sale on smart wool socks. $10/pair. Bought a couple pair. Not bad.


    The lady friend had a present for me under the tree this year labeled that it was from "Jewish Santa". It, of course, was a pair of socks.

  11. I don't understand the logic behind having to wear a tie in the morning but not the afternoon if meetings aren't necessarily the deciding factor for both. Is it so everyone is sure to have a tie just in case of a finance emergency that requires formal attire?

  12. Oh, and I wear scrubs to work, so that's pretty great. It's like walking around in pajamas all day, but you don't have to care if they're splattered in various body fluids. For my non-work wear I finally got rid of the cargo pants a few years ago and am a jeans guy. Slowly phasing out the cargo shorts as well, but there's no way that will every be complete.

  13. Fashion tap: when you wear a sweater over a dress shirt, non button down, the collar goes under the sweater. Not over. This isn't the goddamn 70s, show some class.


    I think the collar under looks super stuffy. Who wants to have to keep their shirt buttoned up to the top?


    There's a specific podcast you might either love or hate - the Nerdist episode with Daniel Craig. There's a decent amount of fashion talk that I found amusing.


    Nothing engenders more existential self-consciousness among losers than someone dressed business-casual who's taking the same drugs, pointing a glow-stick at you and laughing.


    I like this image a lot.


    I wear jeans almost exclusively.


    Can we start calling them "dungarees"? Which brands can really be called that? Lee, probably. Wrangler?

  14. i didn't get the hype for that movie. keanu was his usual wooden self and the action was good but nothing great.


    I thought they did a great job creating a unique world without ever having to actually explain anything. It's much easier said than done. I thought the action was somewhere between your reaction and the hype...certainly enough to really enjoy it.


    I have a new idea for the reddit thread. "I just inherited 20-something million dollars and am pretty sure my wife has been cheating on me, how can I protect this money in a divorce?" The personal finance/relationships hybrids do pretty well.

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  15. i don't want to have to look into something to read a website. i'm a simple man and i like simple pleasures, like fcp and butter in my ass.


    You're better off not getting into reddit anyway. It's a huge time suck - I've had days where I've wasted hours on reddit and felt shitty about my inability to do anything even remotely useful with myself.

  16. Edit: maybe make a thread around the same time in TRP, with a lot of damning and specific details matching the woman's story, but with outrageous lies to make himself look awesome.


    Those were all good points - I think making another thread at the same time would make things pretty obvious. Another angle would be better...I'm sure scram has an outline in his head already.

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