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  1. Phishy, haven't seen u 4 awhile, r u still crushing the nl games for 100BB/hr...or did the imaginary tables dry up?cashed out about 8K. Now killing the Bodog omaha tables. You still jealous?you're an idiot.you play low limits, you need that 8k to go up in limits, man you suck.seriously, you're an idiot, youreally shouldnt have cashed thatout, arent you supposed to play just blaze heads up?He will now be killing the play money tables
  2. Just one thing... Please Daniel, do not respond to IndyJoe anymore. Please, do not respond to somebody who would not bet his money when he knows he is a 60% favorite (not even a 70%!). Please, he might be 6 years old.There are a lot of great (and funny) posts in this forum about a lot of different subjects that I would like your opinion on, this is not one of them.
  3. I think it is mean to put somebody all in
  4. I can tell you're gonna add a lot of informative posts. Keep it up. :twisted:
  5. I have just received the new PokerRoom Magazine through mail today. I have to say that they are not cheap with the quality of paper they used! Anybody else has received the magazine?I am not sure if DN has made the right choice to go with a skin instead of starting a new poker site from scratch but he did it and made the right decision to do it with PokerRoom. I mean, I do not see any better site to do a skin of. Still unsure though if the skin way was the right way...
  6. I just want to say to all posters and mostly Ron Mexico, Royal Tour, Custom36 and KDawgCometh, Thank you.I just wanted to say it before the new thing hits us.It might be better or it might be worst but for sure it won't be the same.
  7. The other guy has also one overcard. Yes sir, you're right. So many people play sit'n'go like this after they see the flop. That's why I think that pre-flop options are fold or all-in when you are short stack on the button.
  8. Good day,First time we talk. I think your opponent call is fine. He did not know that of course but he had around 45% chance of winning the hand after the flop therefore his 1000 call to win 2800 is fine. A lot of people in sit'n'gos will go all in when they hit their 4-card flush on the flop.This being said I think that your play pre-flop was incorrect. I mean you were on the button so there were 3 more hands before you had to pay the BB again. I think that if you feel low on chips comparing to the blinds, go all-in pre-flop to steal the blinds when you are on the button. Raising 4 times
  9. I may be a little wacky with mine......But......You are fukin' nuts.You sound like my therapist. Damn, do I have to overpay you also?
  10. Also.. Pacific does not let you play multi-tables so it makes sense to bring your full bankroll (as someone said it is the default option).I hate Pacific though, always seems to have server problem at the worst time. but, a lot of gamblers there...
  11. When I play on-line and I need a specific card to come out, I always invisibly draw the number, letter and/or suit of the card I need with the mouse.I have no data to back up my "strategy"...
  12. That was a great game, a lot better than LHE.
  13. I should not have thrown that last sentence about Bush in my post ( I only wrote about my thought of not enough money spent at home, too much overseas). I did not want to talk politics, only to comment on the blog as it is supposed to be done in this part of the Forum.I agree about the crime watch idea and the poeple of the neighborhood coming together and try to find a solution. I still think though it should all be initiated by the police itself and that they should increase surveillance in the neighborhood by doing more patrol. This is the least the cops should do and crime rate raise i
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