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  1. Paradise poker has pot limit games $50 mas buy-in to $400 max buy-in. There's always a $50 max game being played.
  2. I was recently playing in a 4-8 game at Canterybury Cardroom in MN. I was up and down all night, not big swings but I was never up more than $50 or down more than $50. So when I looked at my hole cards and seen Kd Kh for the third time that night, needless to say I was pretty happy. With only 1 limper I raised the blinds from middle position. 1 player in late position called and the limper called. And the worst flop imaginable comes down. A-10-4 all clubs! First player checks, I bet representing the ace, last player raises, first player folds. As I'm debating on whether or not he's bluffing h
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew of any cardrooms in Canada that have a decent amount of talbes. All the casinos I've seen at online directories have only like 4-10 tables. I live in MN and I don't wanna make the trip unless it's worth while. The reason I wanna play in Canada is that it'd be something fun to do. See a different part of the world and meet new people. Plus I'm only 19 so I can't play in, well anywhere in the U.S. besides MN. I consider myself pretty lucky to live in MN with the gambling age being 18. There is a great cardroom in MN that has 40 tables with limits ranging from 2-4 t
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