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  1. "As a result, even Sire's simplified model of Texas hold 'em appears to mathematically express many features of the game that experienced players would recognize."Sire's research isn't supposed to be some grand new insights into texas hold 'em, merely that now they're expressed in ways that only an MIT grad would understand.
  2. i noticed a tell i had, and it became a superstition: I used to shuffle my two cards every time i had a pair (both layed flat on the felt, just swishing them around), otherwise i would put the bigger card on top...now i just have a superstition that i HAVE to shuffle my cards no matter what they are at least two times.
  3. I've seen Dylan twice. Once at the Rose Garden, in portland, then again the next night at Mac Court in eugene. Both shows were with Van Morisson (disappointing) The next time was at Gill Colisseum (oregon st beaver's basketball stadium) just Dylan...it was a relatively small show, and i was standing directly lin front of the stage. It was the best concert i've ever been to. And i've been to hundreds. John Brown went off to war to fight on a foreign shore.His mama sure was proud of him!He stood straight and tall in his uniform and all.His mama's face broke out all in a grin."Oh son, you look s
  4. okay, i don't have anything against anybody posting whatever quotes they want to post, and i'm not a grammar freak, or a spelling freak. For that matter, I hate posting anything correcting or arguing against anyone else's posts. However, this kind of thing bothers me...Shouldn't it be "they are the ****in' rake" rather than "they are the ****en rake" ? Should I start a poll? a ) ****in'b ) ****enc ) who gives a ****d ) let's **** that ****in' joeythep guy the **** up!
  5. Pineapple is also spread in a lot of casinos though...Chicago...Screw Your Neighbor...not so much.
  6. Okay, i know i'm evil, but if dude with the flush doesn't say anything about it, i'm not gonna. I've sat at a table in a tourney and watched the dealer push the chips to one guy in what should have been a split pot...as far as i'm concerned when you're at the table it's part of the game...you have to claim your winnings.
  7. He didn't say anything about what HE brings to the team either...that's because he was discussing the draft...
  8. Fixed my post.I'm not saying the Daniel is going broke...but you asked how we knew about how much Daniel had lost. In my fixed post, I gave you specifics of how we know. But you're right. That's why the guy said "playing bankroll" not "net worth".And you'll notice that evn with a 1.2 mil loss in one session, he's still up 3/4 mil over the year. So yeah, i'm not worried about DN going broke
  9. Because he's been kind enough to blog about it. He hasn't gotten specific, but he did say it was "significant part" of his "playing bankroll". And the fact that he hasn't gotten specific about it should be a clue as to the size, since he's never failed to be VERY specific about it, even going so far as to list his individual wins and losses per session in the forum.EDIT: I take that back..he has gotten quite specific: Date Limit Hours ResultFeb 1 2000-4000 6 +$69,000Mar 19 4000-8000 8.5 +$25,000Mar 20 3000-6000 4 +$121,000Mar 21 3000-6000 3 +$146,000Mar 21 4000-8000 4.5 -$310,000Mar 29 4000-8
  10. I think he opened a thread called "2003 ME" because it looked like an easy target. Like going out on a date with a girl called Slutsy McScrewsalot.
  11. Why does baseball take months off? Basketball? Football? Hockey? Players need a break, fans need a break.
  12. I know this is off topic from the OP, but i just wanted to say that I play tourneys with chat turned off, because I don't wanna be distracted by people calling each other dickheads, etc. I hope this doesn't make me a dickhead. I'm just saying that's possibly why ELKY didn't answer back.
  13. Sorry if i came off as a bit of a jerk...i was being rushed off the computer and didn't have time to phrase it a little less jerkalicious.
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