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  1. Dude, that was one heck of a pull.
  2. Dude, went to the casino the other weekend..Lost all my money at Hold'em...Waited for my friends, got bored, went to the ATM, took out a small amount, sat at O8 and got all my $$ back
  3. I was going to ask something like this, but at teh risk of sounding like an idiot, but would u rather have 4 to the flush or 4 to the straight with the river coming? It seems that a flush draw would be better b/c you have more potential outs than the straight draw..right? Or is my logic mixed up?
  4. OK, last night we are in a 10 man tourney, down to final 4, top 3 cash. Guy goes all in, loses, has literally ONE chip left, worth 10..Blinds are at 100/200. The guy proceeds to go on a run like no other. I get it folded to me as SB, he's laughably BB..I have A3o, he has 56o...He doubles up, still though, only 20 chips. He's SB. I raise to get us heads up w/ A3..suited this time. He flips 47o...I lose. Next hand, I find AQ , and raise 1000 out of the now 300 blinds. He calls, we are heads up. He has 35 ..It doesn't erally matter what came up, just what didn't, so all of a sudden, he's at lik
  5. ^^^ignorant postNot that bad? Is that a joke? Anyway, like you said, sometimes u just seem to not be able to win.
  6. So I lost money in limit hold'em the other night at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. Second hand I get KK, it gets cracked by a guy who hung around w/ A2o...Sign #1 I should leaveThen, about 15 hands later, after a ridiculous run of 58o, I look down at rockets..I raise, getting a few callers. Board comes 972 rainbow, I bet, all but one folds...Turn 7, bet, call...River blank..I bet, he raises ..WTF? I call. He has pocket 2's...So he hit one of his what...2 outs? Sign #2 I should leaveI get killed, down to my last few chips, get all of it in with AQ...The cards come out and the highest one is a 6
  7. We got bored and made animal names for pocket pairsAA-UnicornsKK-SharksQQ-BeaversJJ-Rhinos1010-Otters99-Panthers88-Owls77-Llamas66-Kangaroos55-Bobcats44-Frogs33-Penguins22-DolphinsSure its dumb, but...
  8. Yeh, its a good time at the Hard Rock. I recommend it..Pretty relaxed atmosphere. You should have no prob there
  9. We'll see Spinnuh posting on the age thread at 13..maybe 14. Am I right?
  10. I had to hold back my laugher when the "2/4" post was .02/.04, but yea...Tricky...I guess? U got a full payout, so good work...
  11. Yeh, the commentators blow..It gives me hope tho, thats my career path of choice, and I can definitely be better than those commentators. But yeah, I mean, Flack wants to win, but when push comes to shove, it doesn't really matter all that much for him to call w/ Ace high. I dont' think the Battle has anyone playing their all out "A" game
  12. Probably one of the dumbest posts ever, and yet, one of the most entertaining. :clap:
  13. in this case, theres nothing you can get away from...the final 5 wwas the only card that could beat u...Ride that one all the way home and if the miracle comes, so be it
  14. I don't think it really matters what he had, He knew what you DIDN'T have, and thats all that mattered. I tihnk he sensed weakness in you and might have stole the pot. Granted, he could have had a killer hand, but I think he sensed you didn't have much. Of course, it would be tough to put you on that K on the river. But I assume he played your cards, not his
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