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  1. Firstly not a joke. That is one of my misgivings, that he doesnt know enough about poker in the first place.Yes at the moment im under rolled for a 2/5 game. My personal comfort at that level would be $7000 unless I watch the game and knew I had an advantage on a few players then my standards are flexable and could sit with what I have now. The money I win stays in my roll except to pay for rent/food.I personally know i can take my game to a 2/5 and win, thats the only reason i would even consider this to begin with, but i dont think its worth it with someone i dont really know all that well.I
  2. So I'm a young college student living in Las Vegas. I'm from the bay area originally and have been playing poker live since 18, but I feel like i have really come into my own as a player in the last few month. I have been crushing 1-2 and 1-3 games with avengence and really feeling great about how much more consistant my play has become.I was playing a long session at Caesars a few days ago and running over a table of fairly weak exploitable players and was rolling up what shaped up to be a large profit night. To my left was a middle aged guy who spoke in a new york accent and had no clue how
  3. No that exactly what he is saying. A player with nominal skill stands about a 100/1 chance of out lasting 99 player of his same skill level. a more skilled player would boost his odds to 50/1, a great player my up his odds to 25/1 and the best player in the world would bump hsi odds to 10/1. Skill will take you a long way but it will never assure you anything in the short run, that is what Smash is saying.
  4. Ahh! It’s good to be back. I love Smash for the simple reason that I can scroll to his posts and have every argument counter pointed in such an entertaining way.Smash's statement holds a lot of water if you simple stop to think about it for a moment. A 10% edge is a huge advantage if you think about it in a gain/loss way. Lets say you are the best poker player in the world and you enter 10 $10,000 buy in 100 seat winner takes all tournaments. Against any field of 100 you are 10% to win any given tourney but across the course of all ten tourneys you almost even money to win big. Sure you will l
  5. I could tell you were bored and, like yawning, boredum is contagious.
  6. Ok well, I won, a few lucky hands, a few well played hands, and I pulled it through, and am $7 rich for it. really only $2 after i send smash back the $5.
  7. who is this 5th person that just signed in???
  8. i would say I'm probably out match, but i don't think thats dumb, thats just measuring where i am and where i can go from here.
  9. It owuld be way to hard, those 5.50 heads up matchs take about 10 secs to fill up, you would have to have way to have perfect timing
  10. this should be a good game to watch
  11. Or like he said me and all in could dumb to you and you could pay us back after
  12. if you guys need another player or two i would play, i got $11 to burn to see how good i am against a few other good players.
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