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  1. I went to the Red Cross tonight (with wife and 2 y/o daughter in tow) and they sent us to Target and Kroger to get some stuff for the people at the shelters.The first shelter we went to had a capacity of 150 people. There were 281 people there. All I can say is wow, there were a lot of uncomfortable people there. The next place had a capacity of 150 and had 174 there. Everyone was real nice to me except one lady said the towels I was giving her had germs on here....mmmmmmmmmm k.We just walked in the door at like 130 am and we're going back out at 730 am. I was going to take a bunch of pics but
  2. As much as I hate to say it I can't blame you..... now just tell anyone that thinks I'm a jerk what a nice guy I am..
  3. A few of you may remember a post I started 3+ years ago about Katrina. For those that don't I'll give you a brief explanation of what it was about.The day many people evacuated New Orleans from Katrina my wife and I noticed how busy everything was around here (Memphis Tn.). After a bit we realized there were thousands of people in the Memphis area from the Katrina overflow and we wanted to try and help a little. Well we went to a few gas stations and filled up peoples fuel tanks. We also paid for a night or two in a hotel room for an evacutee (SP?).I came on this site telling people about it a
  4. I had more than the average stack. I didn't see anyone in deperation mode, besides the guy all in on the BB. So from what I've experienced noone really messes with a decent raise unless they're REALLY strong when someone else is already all in. It's almost like their thinking is they get to see our cards anyway because of the guy all in. (I never really understood that unless it's early and you're trying to gain info)I don't think I'm being results oriented by saying I'm thinking I should have raised a little less so against 3 or 4 I could have folded to a push.Anyway I raised to 5k a girl goe
  5. Ok like 90+ people starting, down to 18 and it pays 10. I have like 15k chips (a lil more than average) and this is my very first hand at the table. This is one of those weekly tourneys at the Gold Strike in Tunica with 20 min blinds.Blinds are 800/1600 blinds 300 antes. I'm UTG and the BB is all in with his last 1600. I had 2 red 8's what do I do? Like I said 1st hand so no reads except 3 of the guys were at my first table of the day and they were all pretty passive. FWIW noone was really desperate low on chips besides BB fella. I don't want to say what I did or why I did it in particularly i
  6. So I read something and took it as face value. Just like I said in my forst post you might be the coolest thing since sliced bread. So instead of just telling me that something went over my head you took the need to stick the knife in and turn. Fine, keep on being that way. One of these days you'll grow up and the other one will drop.
  7. But you handled it like a mature gentleman. That's one reason this place loses so much traffic. thanks
  8. "Even deleted a post of mine where I said something about sometimes wanting to pee sitting down because it's comfortable!"I guess I am lost. What does that quote mean then?If you're saying you posted that in a public forum and don't understand why that would be frowned upon then I can see where you and I don't agree. I have not read every reply in every thread. Maybe you could point me to some where Bob had abused his authority. All I said is Bob has always been above board to me and everyone I've come across. It's the immaturity and flame wars that are turning this site into something I don't
  9. A +1 is bad but your posts aren't worse?You're surprised someone would delete a thread of yours that talks about how you choose to urinate? There should be a test before you're allowed to post.Bob has always been more than considerate and professional to me.I don't know who you are and shouldn't have said "posts". You might be the coolest thing since sliced bread. But being ticked that someone deleted or locked a thread about urinating is silly.
  10. I'm kind of doing it right now as well. I play a Poker Stars freeroll or two and once I get over 1.00 I play in a .50 tourney.Don't get me wrong I'm not doing well financially right now but my problem is getting money on a poker site right now.I havn't deposited in over a year (since before the neteller deal). I had some decent success followed by transferring money to a friend $25 at a time, withdrawing $500 the week before the Neteller deal, then going on a real bad run with my last 1k.Is there a site where you can talk about meeting up with a person, giving them cash and them transferring m
  11. Congrats I'm looking forward to a trip report. From beginning to end sir.
  12. For me (and many other people I assume) the Tunica buffet is better than many Vegas ones. I was at the Bellagio buffet, paid $27 and there wasn't anything there that the Shoe didn't have. But I can honestly see why some people would like the Bellagio better. They had champagne, a lot more fruit, and it was nicer looking. But free at the Show is better.
  13. Well sometimes too much honesty can't be all good. I remember DN saying something like "everyone down here is like 200lbs overweight". I guess truth hurts in all but even when I was in great shape I would have never talked about an entire community that way. Maybe we all have that gland problem
  14. I like DN and appreciate the things he's done and tried to do for a lot of the people who frequent this site. I agree Tunica isn't ever going to match Vegas or just about any other city/town that has a casino. But for us commoners Tunica is a good place to go where you can be treated great. Tunica blows away Vegas as far as comps for the standard player. Try walking into a Vegas casino and ask for a poker rate or a buffet before even sitting down to the table and see what happens. For 95% of all poker players Tunica is as good as any other place. If you're there just to play poker and you aren
  15. It wouldn't surprise me if DN bought into the 5k LHE just so he had a reason to not have to answer all the same old questions every break. That would get old fast. But next time I'm in Vegas if I see him I'll probably ask him the same exact ones.
  16. I say this every year when this same topic comes up. But RWIII is not only one of the nicest poker players. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met.
  17. If you want to see some real spoilers go look around 2+2. There is a VERY credible person spilling his guts.
  18. Does DN ever play in these anymore.
  19. I guess this is one reason my house won't sell.
  20. FCP is blocked by corporate and I'm about to leave the house. Could someone PM me (since I don't have time to read 16 pages) and let me know if anyone called Starbucks corporate office to see what their stance is on this?thanks in advance
  21. I'm all for honesty but in this case I'd tell her that the catran away.My wife and I had to put the family cat down last year due to cancer and we told the kids the truth. Our kids are 10,8,6, and 15 months. The 10 and 8 year old were a little sad but I think they understood. The 6 year old doesn't give a crap about anything really, kind of odd.
  22. My decision on the flop was not really if I should call the 100, because I knew if I called it I might as well push. Because then on the turn there would have been about 465 in the pot and unless it came and A, K, or a spade then what else could have hurt my hand.Needless to say it was much easier to fold when the BB called the flop. I'm pretty certain I would have folded anyway.
  23. If I had a raise and a reraise to me I don't think I'd reraise the min with AK. I'm not nearly as advance as many others in NLHE but is that something you would do in that situation?You're right about read dependent. The BB is a very loose tricky player. He's very willing to make a less than marginal call in hopes of hitting a flop and busting us both.For the most part the guy in the BB is a better player that I am. I'm pretty sure that is anyway. HE seems to read weakness very well. There was more than one time I'm sure he made some very big moves with total air.He has a gear I don't have at
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