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  1. I would but god wont let me. He's been acting real censored lately, I must have done something to make him mad. He'll get over it.i also have a request that someone on PS names PineNuts, although with a cool name, shall never win another hand of poker EVER. He ran the luckiest streak in sat for the WSOP and built up an enormous amount of chips and didn't even finish in the TOP 20. he knocked me out at 49th, and also was the cause of my short stack. Wroto was watching and know what i'm talking about.***silly little chant to the poker god (or goddess) please step on him*****
  2. Judges? I'm sorry, the judges say we can't accept that answer..."Hell is other people."- Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980)North Kiltown...aye, do you know angus mcloud??and btw the answer to the dish is, Marge wants to make Bart his favorite dish, butterscotch chicken...hense my theory that marge is a homicidal, gamblholic juicer who enjoys shooting guns, deathsports and stealing cars.Ira (i have no ****ing like)
  3. Who are Feldman, Kevin and Gene? Alex... I'll take Seinfeld trivia for 1000...Very nice.. and thats todays daily double.. "chidoo chidoo..and so on with all the noises,, "What was Jerry's Hindu name, in the reverse episode, when they visite India??if we are doing trivia on tv shows why don't we do some trivia about a show that wasn't useless.What are Barts alergies and what favorite dish will marge make him that will kill him?Ira
  4. herron....herring is a fish...hmm anyone else wanna play with him?
  5. Why would you want someone to fold a pair of aces on the flop when you have a straight? On the flop he is a monster favorite, on the turn he is still a 3-1 favorite. Nobody should have a problem with him wanting all of the money in there. Think about it, this is the same as getting all the money in preflop with AK vs Ax. Nobody would criticize the AK player there, so why criticize Kurt here? For the other posters who said he should protect his hand against AK, AQ, or a set, this was an unraised pot and very few players get cute with these hands at this stage of the tournament.Kurt, it sou
  6. personally i would have bet out on the flop..he hit the straight on the flop right? most of the time the aces would come back over, it still ends up being the same cause when aces comes back over you go all in. there are two good situations there, he calls and ur down to aces needing two cards to save himself, or he folds his aces putting you on the straight, personally i'd rather have him fold out his two aces and take a good size pot before i risk a third comming. IMHOira
  7. Way to steal the thunder prick... [sw] at the casino last week i folded jt of spades with the q of spades and two diamonds on the flop when the betting was capping...ace of spades hits, then the king on the river...i wanted to cry...about 40 hands later i hit quad kings so i was happy
  8. i'm moving from toronto to edmonton in just under two weeks now do i count?
  9. has anyone ever felt at home at the table with the chips infront of you? I was playing at Rama on monday, started at 3 pm with 200 ended at 2 am with 700. all in all a really good night for me. But i'm thinking as i drive home what a day it was. I met a ton of people, some regulars at rama (a few of the high limit players came down to check out the action at 5-10) made a few new friends and gained a lot of respect. Now I know i am no where near the best or but i'm a decent player who can hold my own, i played fairly solid, made 4.5 BB/hr. Like i said it felt awsome playing with those guy
  10. funny, one of my best poker tournaments also ended up including my dumbest move ever.On party poker, i was playing in the NLHE tournies where they were giving away seats to the london EPT event. 997 players, i make it to the final table, top six get the 14,000 trip. after one guy drops we are down to 9, i'm now the short stack. about 3 or 4 hands of everyone folding, i get aa in late position, i'm thinking awsome. ....two go AI ahead of me, and i'm thinking awsome i have a chance to easily double through twice (this was in my first 5 months of starting to play). i go AI and one more goes i
  11. he's also from scarbourough isn't he??? that should win him the fight on it's own.Ira
  12. Well yeah, that's what I was getting at.. just making examples though :oops:i'm going to rama to play some 5-10 tomorow if you want to come with...i went on saturday night and was up 500$ until i ran into a major suckout bad beat.
  13. so i'm going to play 5-10 limit at casino rama tomorow. I haven't played limit in prolly 4 months now. any suggestions to get back into the flow of things since i've been playing No limit for those four months? i'd love some helpful hints from people who have done this. Ira
  14. That's good to know, and it makes me optimistic for the future of PM. However, I just don't understand why it seems to be taking so long. We offered to move our weekly private FCP tourneys there weeks ago and still there's no support for private tournaments on PM. Small businesses must be flexible and able to move quickly -- so far, it seems PM is the exact opposite.Personally, I think it would have been a ton better for PM to launch after it had it's act together, not 4-5 months after going live.Small business have to be able to be very flexible, but they can't introduce software that they h
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