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  1. Perfect. I'll check both of those out. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide links.
  2. I guess I'm kind of old school. I still have a semi-normal mouse. But it's really not all that comfortable. So I would love some ideas. What are you guys using? Track balls? Super wireless? Oh, and if you have suggestions for a computer chair..........please let me know.I really would appreciate the help guys.
  3. I drove the v6 and v8 jeeps today. I must say that I was impressed.
  4. This was really helpful. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the input so far guys.I really like the pic of the cherokee and highlander.I'm not opposed to buying American. I really like the fact that ford has stood on it's own this whole time. I drove the escape and didn't really care for it. I do need to drive the new explorer and edge. In all fairness though, I'm pretty sure that ford doesn't make all of there cars in the US. I thought they were made in Mexico, India, etc. I could be wrong though. I'm certainly not opposed to buying American. But I have to buy something that I like.The basics........I will most likely lease, however, the hi
  6. Ok. What did you like better about the lexus? Any reason you didn't opt for another one?
  7. I've always received amazing advice from FCP. Because I have dogs, I need to get an suv. My three choices are listed above. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I had the fight a draw as well.I can't tell you how impressed I am with Frankie Edgar. Sadly, we only have a handful of people who read these posts..........but WOW. That kid has more heart than anyone I have ever seen. I feel like he has taken the term work ethic and determination to a whole new level. Win, lose or draw........I will always be a fan of his. Not just as far as the UFC goes, but in life. To overcome that kind of punishment and to have the desiere to move on. God bless him. Maynard fought a good fight. He clearly has the tools to beat Edgar. But..........well, enough of that.Ver
  9. I'm really excited about UFC 123. Some amazing fights on the card.Here are my picks.MachidaPennSotiropoulos All three are favorites ranging from -160....-220.I really like these guys a lot in these fights. Obviously anything can happen. But if everyone showed up at 100% on both sides, I couldn't ask for better prices. Well, I could, but these look good to me.Good luck.
  10. I think your analysis is great. Picking fights is a lot like poker. Everyone looks like a genius when they're winning. Lately my picks have been pretty good. -Brock. I got that one all wrong.I've never been a Hughes fan. And right now I feel like he is way past his prime. Imo he has looked really ugly since he lost to GSP. And was insanely outclassed in that fight. Ironically, he seems to think he is really good right now. Hughes could easily take the fight out of ignorance. BJ could take it out of pride. If BJ trains and comes in decent shape, I really like him in this fight. But there is no
  11. In a three round fight? You're betting against someone who has amazing stand up, and is a genius off of his back. BJ lost to Matt in that fight because he broke his rib in some weird way.All things being equal......I love this line.Hughes has looked horrible lately. Sadly, so has BJ. I would take BJ at 50% vs Hughes at 100%. But that's just me.
  12. Ya know, I could be wrong about this one. But I like Lesnar a lot here. I am shocked at the price. And thrilled at the same time. We'll see.......
  13. Really excited about this card. My picks.LesnarShieldsLawlorSanchez
  14. No. Because we saw that he has a lot of talent and a ton of heart. He stayed "in" the fight the whole time. And his strikes were doing more damage than Dos Santos at various points. Dos Santos is a beast and hit him with everything he had. His power has stopped just about everyone in the UFC. Nelson took his best shot and kept coming. Nelson failed because he lacks athleticism and stamina. He was unable to get the fight to the ground and he was tired. When was Nelson ever a title contendor? Were there fights when you said, Wow, this guy is going to beat Brock Lesnar or Carwin? I sure as hell h
  15. Wow, I hit a one outer there for sure.The Hughes fight was just weird. I would make the same play on Almeida in the future though. Not exactly sure what happened there. Kudos to Hughes.Guida did what I thought he would do.Fitch did what I thought he would do.I honestly thought Silva was throwing the fight. Horrible chin, zero takedown defense? Kudos to Sonnen for such an outstanding performance. I had the wrong side of that one for sure.Big Country was very impressive. Joe Rogan called it. If Country lost 40lbs, and got in condition, the guy would be a true beast.
  16. My picks for tonight.SilvaAlmeidaFitchGuidaObviously you have to factor in the odds.The problem with Sonnen is that he has no way to finish the fight. I think Sonnen has the ability to get it to the ground, apply pressure, etc. But he can't finish. Which is why I think that Silva is the smart play here. Obv Silva is insane in every aspect. I think he should do fine here. We'll see.
  17. Yeah, he looks odd for sure. I haven't really been focusing on poker this year. So I haven't seen or talked to Ted all that much. However, after he lost the weight and won the bet, we talked the next day. I was genuinely concnerned about Ted's health. He assured me that he felt great and that his health was fine. Ted and I have made a few bets over the years. We pushed one, I lost one, and I won one. The won that I beat him was a weight bet. It was a bet on how much a friend of ours weighs. At 5am we called the guy and I took the over and won. Oddly enough, I won a weight bet. But it was based
  18. Staying away from the Pellegrino fight. I lve both of them and feel they are equally matched. Because Pellegrino is a dog, that is the smart move.
  19. CarwinReljicI gave some thought to this one.Sad that Reljic and Grove are not on main card.
  20. I know that the population of FCP isn't as large as it once was, but hopefully this can help a select few.For a long time during my poker career I focused on games that were not my best. Sometimes I was a favorite, sometimes I wasn't. That isn't the best strategy. Recenly I learned that some of my friends and poker students were now focusing and primarily playing in other games besides the ones that got them to where they are today. The reason for this is simple. We all get bored and want new challenges. But please remember, poker is supposed to be fun, however it is a game that rewards superi
  21. Ok. Another pointless thread, lol.
  22. No clue if anyone has ever posted this or discussed it.Just wondering if it was real or staged? I've never seen DN act this way before.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeocezrFSs4
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