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  1. Well, I think everyone hates getting AA and KK cracked, but in the 2nd hand where the guy drew out to the club flush...when he called two bets pre-flop cold he could have only been hoping to get to a flush draw...once the got the nut flush draw however, you can't expect him not to draw for it...the pot was always giving him 5 to 1 or better on his bets.Certainly playing K3s pre-flop against a raiser is a stretch, but he couldn't let it go once he had the nut flush draw....just say nice hand and know that you can take him next time with better play....With the KQo hand? Alot of people saw that
  2. No, but Juanda would have been a nice choice...or Ferguson...
  3. Wants 300 BB in the bankroll to move up, so figure it out....to move to $0.10/0.25, he's looking for about $75? And so on...
  4. Genius in intelligence doesn't mean you have any 'common' sense.
  5. Are you kidding? News is fine, but 60 minutes has to be one of the most biased and agenda driven news I've never seen. It is completely intended to sway people to their agenda rather than just report investigative news.Did you see the hatchet job they did on the Barrett rifles last weekend? It was a crying shame...
  6. I don't know of his past, but I actually offered to bring the investors to the table and never got a response from Dutch. Of course, the legal documents would be in place protecting our stake if we backed a site such as rakefree.com.How could he be broke already from a 12th place finish in the big one in 2003? Don't get it. Finished 2nd in Razz in 2004 too. Lost to T.J.As for Fischman, he's lucky he didn' t get whipped by Joe Awada in that Hold'Em event. He made alot of crazy all-in bets and calls and he just sucked out. I thought Gavin Griffin played much stronger poker in his win.
  7. If you can't push all-in with confidence why not fold and look for a better spot. You have way more than 10 more hands to look at, more like 20.
  8. Smash, still can't stand UB. I much prefer PokerStars...
  9. AA...against a straighted, flushed up board with more than one person willing to bet it / call it.
  10. Can't wait for day 2. I posted in another thread that I had lost a stake and didn't feel my play was the problem as much as I was trying to do too much without proper bankroll...I'm playing 0.05/0.10 right now because it's where I'm supposed to be...but I do like NL...I sat with $10 last night, played 1.2 hours in $0.05/0.10 nl hold'em at FTP on a table with about 50% of the players taking the flop and left with $21 and change. I consider an $11 gain in that round good. I played tight solid poker. I don't know what that is...11/1.2/0.10 = almost 92 BB/hr.Keep it up Smash.
  11. There are $0.05/0.10 games on FTP, that's pennies. Full Tilt doesn't have the traffic yet that UB or PokerStars have, but I think the site is better. Don't know where all the slow comments are coming from. To each his own I guess.
  12. Full Tilt has the same thing. You'll probably have to beat about 600 other people, but it pays 4 spots a total of $20 ($8, $6, $4, and $2).
  13. I would do more limping and try to hit the set cheap. A higher board with the paint and Aces will tend to hit more people than rags.
  14. Good point. Attending a golf school or a billiard school would be different, poker is a total mental exercise, not a mental exercise combined with a need for someone to watch your form...
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