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  1. I have played on both Party Poker and Poker Stars and right now at 3:30 p.m. central time both sites have over 50,000 players. I am hesitant about trying other sites because the closest i can find in volume to these two right now only has about 10,000 players.My concern is that it will be tough to find games at the limits i normally play(.25/.5 and .5/1 no limit full ring).I also figure the competition will be much tougher than the two largest sites.Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Put it this way...in a 9 or 10 handed nl cash game at the casino and two players are heads up in a hand, can one of the players show his cards before acting to get a reaction?
  3. Forget if it's a home game, put it this way...in a 9 or 10 handed nl cash game at the casino and two players are heads up in a hand, can one of the players show his cards before acting to get a reaction?
  4. I'm pretty sure Party Poker is the biggest online site as far as the number of players. Can someone tell me who takes the other four spots in the top five?
  5. Yeah this just seems like such a rip off .According to PP: For every raked hand played on the Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot tables a jackpot contribution of 50 cents will be collected from the pot.Every time the jackpot is hit, 70% of the jackpot amount will be distributed and 20% will be used as seed amount for the next jackpot. 10% will be retained by Party Poker as administrative fee.The current jackpot is $354,000 and climbing so PP is going to make over $35,ooo when they pay out the next jackpot that's insane!!!
  6. Since the odds of you flopping a set or better are 7.5:1, using the example of a .25/.50 no limit cash game. Suppose you call a $2 bet with a small pair, it's going to cost you $15 on average to eventually catch a set or better. That's also assuming that you don't get raised and have to put even more money in or even worse get bet out of the pot.In a game with .25/.50 blinds and a buy in of $50 at a no limit table, is it a reasonable assumption that you will make at least $15 when you do hit your set?Please correct me if I'm wrong about these numbers and let me know your opinion.
  7. I'm mostly referring to no limit 10 person cash games. The concept I believe is called the 5/10 rule regarding calling with small pocket pairs. I think what they say is if the preflop bet is 5% or less of the smallest stack in the hand you call because if you flop a set the payoff may be huge. 10% or more they say you fold.I don't think I agree with this but was wondering everyone's thoughts on this.Also, has anyone published a book where this is discussed?
  8. I have no problem with giving it back to someone when they bust your chops but when no one provokes you in any way it's just not cool. Tons of people out there need to learn to win with a little class. If you are doing it to put someone on tilt I guess I can live with that :wink: .
  9. It seems like so much money to these guys because you are only seeing when they win the showdown. You aren't seeing the times when they get beat by two pair, trips, etc.. I believe you rarely make any decent money limping with aces unless you get action preflop. Other than that if 5 people see the flop you need to hit a set or something normally to just win the pot.
  10. Well it would make sense that seidel wouldn't be wasting his time playing such a small limit unless he was being paid by the site to do so. Assuming that because someone has a poker id called phil ivey, they are actually phil ivey is a tad silly don't ya think?
  11. I don't play on that site but how do you know they are the actual pros, unless they work for the site I wouldn't think they would use their real names.
  12. Just wondering what the internet's motive would be for wanting you or others to lose? :roll:
  13. One month or 30 sitngo's is no where near enough to get any kind of sample. The swings can be pretty big.It isn't a good idea to play $5 sitngo's on party poker because you are paying a $1 "rake" for every tourney but you can play $10 tables for the same $1 "rake". I don't think you will find any noticeable difference between the skill level of the players. Obviously you do need a little bigger bank roll to play 10's but I would move to them as soon as it permits.
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