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  1. Wow, I didn't expect his many hits on the topic. The tourney tomorrow is really all that I've been able to think about through the day. Good for concentration, not so good for the day-job. I hope it goes well tomorrow, and will keep you all posted when it's over. After much thought, I'm really leaning towards the cash, with part of it buying me into the next satellite they're having in early June. That is, if I can scrape out a win tomorrow, which is no sure thing in its own right. Thanks for all the responses, and the friendly debate. Wish me luck!jared
  2. Hey everyone-I was in a tournament today at a local casino that's a WSOP satellite, and the first prize is either $10,000 cash (which could really, really help me out) or a seat at this year's Main Event in Vegas plus hotel and airfare. If you choose for the cash, then the hotel and airfare money is split between 2 and 10. The way the tournament is structured is there are two day 1's (Saturday and Sunday), each with 55 people. The top 10 from each day move on to the finals this Tuesday. Well, I made it. I hope that I win, but I'm having a really tough time deciding if I want the cash or the tr
  3. Is the February 17th trip to LA for the WPT LA Poker Classic? I'm planning on going to that, and if anyone knows of good satellites to enter for that event, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!jared
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