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  1. What are the best casinos and poker rooms in and around Denver.
  2. Pechanga is actually pretty nice now that they renovated it. They just redid the whole casino and made it a resort and it's a good place to take the wife. The poker room is great. Lost of side games, morning and evening tournaments. Flat screen plasmas throughout. Pretty good club too. They have a day spa and nice restaurants in and around the casino. They also host comedians, singers, and boxing events there too. There is also Pala Casino very nearby but I don't believe they have a poker room and it's not a resort with hotel rooms.There is also a Harris in San Diego.Some other Indian C
  3. Is the Rio using RFID chips? I don't think they are. I believe the Wynn uses them. This would definitely help with any sort of cheating and getting accurate chip counts. You'd think the biggest tournament in the world would be using the best technology available.I guess that's Harrah's for you.
  4. Well it happened last year in the Main Event. http://www.pokernews.com/news/2006/9/two-m...estions-one.htmChip Counts are usually not very accurate during play. They are more accurate at the end of the day when they bag them up. By then it's probably too late to pinpoint where they came from.
  5. If you are registered in two tournaments on the same day, couldn't someone just take their chips from one tournament and add them to the other tournament they are in to gain an advantage? Say someone had a bunch of chips from a tournament that was now in day 2. They could take some of those chips and move them to new tournament that's still in day 1 to gain an advantage. Taking three thousand chips from a stack of 20K is only going to decrease your stack by 15%. But adding three thousand chips to a stack of 5K will increase your stack by 60%.Does the Rio use the same chips for every tourna
  6. Interesting conversation at the Aussie Millions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2DdJu9fwfw...ted&search=
  7. Next time you're in San Diego. Hit up one of these courses. They are on the less "ghetto" side. Some of them were already mentioned.ArrowoodMt. Woodson Aviara Pala Mesa Resort Double TreeRancho Bernardo Inn Carmel Mt. Ranch Steele CanyonThe Grand Del Mar BaronaSycuanEagle Crest Temecula Creek Inn RedhawkEastlake Salt Creek (Formerly The Auld Course) La Costa Golf Resort The Vineyard RiverwalkTwin OaksMaderas Torrey Pines And you haven't played "ghetto" golf until you play Center City Parkway in Oceanside or as the locals call it "goat hill."
  8. The Final Hand:This is how the hand went down:Phil: 54osJeff: 5d3dFlop = Xd4d6xMoney goes in...turn = 4River = diamondPhil confirms no deal was made.I think earlier in the tournament Phil could of busted Jeff when he had him dominated with AQ but folded to Jeff's all in bet. Jeff showed AJ.
  9. Jeff won.Phil all in 4-5 offJeff 3-5 diamondsPhil hit trip 4'sJeff rivers a flush on the riverGame over!!
  10. No home cooking.The crowd was chanting "Phil's on tilt"; Phil went to tournament director and complained.
  11. Back down again...PF --> Jeff calls the BB, Phil checks.Flop:Ac 3s 5hPhil checks, Jeff bets 65k, Phil calls.Turn: JhPhil checks, Jeff bets 90k, Phil calls.River:8cPhil checks, Jeff bets 300k, Phil calls, Jeff turns over Jd5s, Phil has 53 --> Phil crippled again.
  12. Now Phil is at 1.1 mil in chips. Don't call it a comeback!
  13. Phil just made 2 pair with K5.Then on the next hand, Jeff raised PF, Phil moves in, Jeff folds...
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