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  1. No worries, man! In that spot, feeling iffy about the check on the flop is legit. Button's throwing 4K after the turn, considering your stack, might be a good time to lay down the AdTd, living to fight another hand
  2. Limping the button's a slick move for sure. Lowers the risk, snags that sweet position advantage, and messes with the GTO solvers trying to squeeze. Plus, it keeps the weaker hands in the mix. Now, hitting 'em with a 1/3 pot bet on the flop? That's playing it smart and sly with just 1BB in the mix...
  3. Odds can be a wild ride. From what I'm seeing, it's like the pair plus and straight bets are doing a tag team on that house advantage. When you roll 'em together, it somehow drops to 2.3%, if the numbers are jiving, might be worth a shot
  4. That older mentor role sounds like a crucial part of the story, helping Stu Unger turn things around and giving him a shot at redemption. ........
  5. The character is portrayed as an older mentor figure who helps clean up Stu Unger's life and gives him another chance .
  6. that cool, I can watch this all day long 😆 thanks bro .
  7. Patience is the key to win... $100 should be a good start for new player
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