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  1. I notice how now more and more people are starting to be fans of Trump. It's a shame that Biden didn't live up to the expectations of many Americans.
  2. By the way, at one time I used poker bankroll management. I think that now there are much more convenient tools. Although it is always important to know the strategy of the game.
  3. I completely agree that a lot of time has passed, but nothing has changed. Hope that people get vaccinated and we will fight this virus.
  4. Thanks for the link to an interesting article. I think a lot of newbies have read this kind of advice. Although I think that there is nothing better than practice, so I often play at 1974 world series of poker.
  5. I like to listen to different music and it all depends on my mood. More often it is jazz and rock. My favorite song MezzanineCream - Disraeli Gears
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