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  1. Hi. My name is Warren and I am a fellow Canadian of Daniels and wondering if anyone can help me get in touch with him. It is regarding a request to try and get his help with my autistic 14 yr old daughter. You see, she is also burdened with severe OCD symptoms resulting in further anxiety and depression which has now landed her in an adolescent psychiatric unit at our regional hospital after a near suicide. Prior to this recent depressive episode I had began to teach her poker and she was immediately hooked and began doing very well taking down all the small tournaments we could muster up with family and friends etc. And she worships Daniel and has watched all his videos, read his blogs etc. She is getting treatment in this unit but maintains that there is nothing to live for and doesn't see the point so as her father I am desperately trying to find a way she can find something that might give her meaning and purpose. So I thought maybe I could find a way to get Daniel to connect with her in some manner or another. I don't expect it to be face to face with the covid but even if I could arrange a zoom chat or something to that effect it might change a lot for her. So if anyone knows a way I can get in touch with Daniel it would be greatly, greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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