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  1. Juha

    Low life

    Here in Helsinki (Finland) casino offer 1/1 and 5/5 games ... hahah killing joke! We need people to keep cash game alive. 4 "Rich" heir and hes Persian carpet. 3 "Gotham city gangsters" in garage. 2 Poor & fast in streets!
  2. CHICAGO WHEEL: 5 - 6 Buy in: 25,000 Multi table tournament (MTT) (min. 10 players) so payout: 1234 + Cash games (short is (5 x) deep is (4 x)) Because business is business ... and there is 25% of diamonds ... you get it? A is alive
  3. Scandinavia: Baltic sea: Russia Estonia Finland Ă…land Sweden Latvia Lithuania Poland Denmark Germany Finland: TOP7 harbors Finland: Oulu Vaasa Turku Helsinki Porvoo There is Russian side Viipuri (Vyborg) and Pietari (St. petersburgh). I'm intresting about way to the North Sea!
  4. So, there is different levels, Ten (10) Ten visible Ten non visible Nine (9) Bottom two pair A to 9 straigth Bad end of straight Eight (8) Business card, three (3) Business card, two (2)
  5. About two straight 234 FOUR (4) is $40,000 to $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 and $10,000 buy in for W.S.O.P (better life man!) Cashgames before $40,000 are 3 You want play with 2
  6. WHat you think? A could be 1 or 14 of course but also 10 could be 10 or T. THis way: Low ten: 9876543210A23456789 High ten: T9876543210A23456789T ALL POKER:
  7. Juha


    Hello, I have few question. Do you know who are the first players in Euro money? Anything about next picture? Rothschild is rich banker family, right? Postscript: In Finland we don't have 5 cent button. I found 15 cent button. This is weak business, right?
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