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  1. The collection of data for the purposes of the research finished. Once again, I would like to thank all participants very much. Final information, draw results (rewards for participation) and the link with the recording of the draw can be found at: http://pokerexperiment.online Have a nice day.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Michal Mojzis and I am a psychology student at Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies in Brno, Czech Republic. For the purposes of my bachelor thesis, I am conducting an online research using game simulation of NL Hold ‘em. In this research you can test your poker skill and compare your result with other players. There are also some rewards for participation – three players will be drawn and rewarded with $20 each. Poker psychology is a topic that is often discussed between players, however there is a gap in the findings of academic psychological resea
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