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  1. My guess is the Spurs will single cover Lebron in Quarters 1-3 and make him work for everything, then in the 4th send a hard trap and make other players make plays
  2. Spurs in 5 or 6, no way Spurs let Lebron beat them like Detroit did
  3. Kurtman213

    The Hideout

    Ahhh... It feels good to be on the good end of a hit and run
  4. I bet you'd get wrecked, even by the Australian guy
  5. I played a game called "Ash Beer" where you get a group of people in a circle (usually guy/girl) and you go around the circle touching the persons face in the exact spot that the person next to you touched your face or else you have to drink. The only catch is everyone is in on the game except for one person(really important), and the person next to them is using an empty beer can that had the bottom turned black by a lighter, and the person keeps rubbing ash on the persons face without their knowing about it. I've only played this game once, but it was the most hilarious and cruel drinking
  6. ZeeJustin takes wayyy too much ragging for what he did, it was funny for about a month but after that it was all played out, he payed a price and lost his dignity and everyone deserves 2nd chances. I truthfully wouldn't doubt that many big name pro's have Multi-accounted tourneys.
  7. Stick your D**k in a box, and tie the trip information around your D**kBut in seriousness, buy her a couple crappy gifts... make her think you didn't get her anything special and suprise her later on when she's not expecting it
  8. Assuming Daniel and Hachem both make the final table, it'd be hilarious to watch Daniel probe Joseph about the lawsuit and what a bad idea it is
  9. It's going to be one sick TV final table
  10. I would like an Invite please Email: Ballaballa2103@aol.com
  11. I was hanging with a friend the other day and he said "Man the sky looks trippy today" So I said "Maybe it's not the sky that is trippy, but the way you percieve it that is trippy" then I thought "Man, I should of just said yeah" Snap, Crackle, Mitch and Pop, In hollywood it's all about who you know, and I know Pop
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