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  1. I can wait Matt, have a wonderful time off with the family bud. You deserve it.Dave
  2. If you have seen this before you should know how cool this is.Mods please live this in general for a bit before moving :)It is about 4 minutes long but worth every minute.Enjoyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKAeyUS91I8
  3. Actually to most of us it does, to you though obviously not. The rest of us understand, you do not. We get it, you don't.We are superior, you are inferior.I could go on all day but it wouldn't do any good.Have fun
  4. The REAL bad beat would have been finding out she wasn't a girl.
  5. This is probably true of me as well.Next time you see a guy with a baseball cap that has "THINKING" on it say hi. :)Dave
  6. good luck with your stakees bullet.let me know when you guys are playing, I may join you if I get home in time.
  7. sixhands

    Dear Nikki

    Which can sometimes be a bad thing ;)But one that every young man must be exposed to ... many times over.That way you can truly appreciated the wonderfully formed, perfectly balanced, perky and/or bouncy breasts .... oh shit ... clean up in cubicle 3
  8. I hope you find someone decent to share the room with you.I live in the lower mainland anyway so I can't help you out.And I am leaving for LA and Vegas soon anyway
  9. at my local B&M it's usually the unlimited raise scenario whenever it's heads up.I guess it would be better having the "Vegas" rule in place for these casinos. Can you imagine 2 players with 200 in front of each of them after the first rounds of betting. The river would go something like this ...betraisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-raisere-
  10. Why did you bother to put the tourney part of the trip in? It obviously has no bearing on the cash game story.And yes it was a good fold
  11. Nice cash bullet. Not bad for $5
  12. congrats on your 1000 2b.I played against you a couple times on Ongame and DGN.I have seen you around on Stars as well.What are you going to change your title to?
  13. funny, not rolling around on the floor funny, but still funny nonetheless.
  14. Actually that is part of poker and the sooner you get used to it the better you will be.Just to be clear of something though ...Didn't you WANT this guy to call you with K high?
  15. I was referring to single table SNG tourneys ONLYI see your and raise you
  16. It probably doesn't matter but I have noticed you around the forums.and besides there are only a few "BIG DEALS" around here. Unfortunately there are probably just as many "BIG DOUCHIES"
  17. LOLno nothing to do with my personality. I was having a huge downswing so I figured if I sold my soul to the devil then he might be able to help me out a little.
  18. See my post a couple above this one. Post #7My reasoning for finding a fold would be exactly that. You would still be in decent shape against the shorties.Cash first, win later. That is my (and I assume many others) goal for SNGs
  19. I would be pushing in pre-flop.But as played I would probably fold as you will still be in decent shape against the other shorties.
  20. You know you're not popular when ...1) You only get 4 views and you have to reply to your own post after 1.5 hours
  21. Hey,Is anyone from the FCP community going to be in Vegas around August 6 - 8 ?It would be cool to meet up with some other degens while I'm there :DLaterDave
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