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  1. crooked killin em!!i had that second boston game in a moneyline parlay with pirates against halladay and a miraculous bosox team.. weeeeee
  2. I'm goin on Saturday too, staying at venetian. Unfortunately I can't play the deepstack since I'll be with my gf.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, always much appreciated. Yeah I've gotten people that have even questioned the name "crooked straight" .. I guess people can easily see it in a... alternative lifestyle type of way. lol.Anyways I'm putting a lot out there on this one so I'm sure a lot of you (especially the ones with high ethical and moral standards) will question a lot of the stuff I do/say, that's fine. I'm just trying to keep it somewhat anonymous and I love to write so there you go.As far as the 401k thing. Basically under my Morgan Stanley 401k plan, I can take a loan out against my own vested amo
  4. Does anyone know what the rakes are at the nearby Indian casinos like Morango, San Manuel and Pechanga? Maybe it'd be wiser to just go there on the weekend.. just wondering for personal interest. Thanks for pointing this out... I have to be honest, I've never really paid attention to rakes but now that I'm running like a cripple I should start looking at these things..
  5. Phil the Phenom just went over 501k.................................
  6. Yeah they're not great. Okay, I can accept failure. I will try to get some exclusives from the bedroom next time!!
  7. Scroll down like three posts. I wonder if they've been playing the Shaq freestyle in Cabo San Lucas? Or maybe Kobe just went there to get away from everyone in the world talking about the freestyle.Link - scroll down three posts.And don't act like you weren't interested!
  8. Good thread, I lol'd several times
  9. Do you mean the golf tourney or a poker tourney after the golfing/dinner? I checked the thread but didn't see anything on a poker tourney after. Didn't have time to look through all 39 pages. Do you have a direct link?
  10. lol that's probably the most common misclick in U.S. history.
  11. Mine was in a live game, flop was 2-3-4 and I have 5-7. I'm thinking I need the 6 the whole way for the straight, not even thinking about the ace. Turns is an ace. First guy bets, three people call him and I fold (for like $25 into a $200 pot). Then another guy calls. River 6.
  12. I don't think anyone really knows me and vice versa butI'll be there 5/23-26 at MGMand5/29 - 6/9 at Bellagio/Rio.Have fun, good luck everyone.
  13. But I don't want a stake unless it's in the wsop
  14. Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate it. I understand everyone's points as all of you guys have different input and takes on this. I told him he should take pics of Phil when he's signing and he said he was already going to do that, as well as Phil holding the stuff up after it's framed.As far as asking Phil for his autograph, it wasn't actually me but one of his best friends. So it's definitely awkward asking a friend for an autograph, but when you are cool enough with someone to be like "Sign this real quick, so I can frame it," there's really no reason they wouldn't. I don't know what
  15. Tried to but those things are screwed in. We tried to get the camera man for his camera but he ran. We got like 15 bottled waters and a seat cushion though.
  16. Don't have pics of anything yet, nothing is even framed yet. My boy has the cards and because the Card Player mag just came out with Phil on the front he wanted me to see if there'd be any interest in it. I will definitely PM you as I'm sure he'll get it signed. Also, I don't think it would be hard at all to get Phil to do something like sign a personal message or something to you if that would be more enticing for you. Give me a few days, I'm not sure how much my boy is hoping to get. I'll PM you. Thanks for the feedback and that poker room sounds cool.
  17. Yeah.. the funny thing is I think the way to get the most $ for it would be to find someone privately who collects stuff, just like hubdub said.There's no certificate but that could be easily obtained or we could just have Phil take a picture holding the actual goods. Basically after he won, we told him to keep the cards (which is funny cuz he's like "WTF For?") and gave them to my boy. We also snatched the entire chip set off the table.
  18. I have a question about poker memorabilia...Obviously there's nowhere near the market for it as pro sports and if you look on ebay, they really don't have shit. But how much would you think someone could get for this:The two actual cards (A-9) that Phil Ivey won with on the FT of the LA Poker classic, signed by Phil, in a frame with the signed Card Player magazine and possibly anything else necessary to make it complete, signed by Phil.What I'm wondering is, would it be worth more in some kind of auction like ebay or would it be better to try and sell it to someone privately i.e. a casino to p
  19. Mark - that's basically exactly what I'm thinking of doing.Merby - lol.GWCGWC - That's the reason I doubt this system.Here's the thing - this system is more to remember the BAD players then the good ones. One thing that made me think of it was I was playing the other day and a guy sits down next to me. I recognize him but not well (we've played probably once before) and I don't remember how he plays. Then he makes a horrible call with bottom pair for $150 and it brings everything back to me and I start getting involved with him and win $$ off of him. I want to remember these players. When one
  20. Yeah I agree but at the same time I think those would still be helpful. Partially because if there's a guy that plays during the day a lot and then I run into him I might remember "oh yeah this guy is extra tight" or something. Do you play the $200?
  21. I definitely remember most players after I get in a puzzling, profitable or losing hand against them. But a lot of the reason for this is the fact that I'm sharing the information with my friend and vice versa. He plays at day and I play at night so we see a lot of different regulars. I have the theory that knowing something about someone that you didn't know can come back to be a huge profit. For instance if I played against "John Dough" last night and he made a huge bluff on me by betting $200 on the river with a missed draw, if my friend knew this (or if I had forgotten), it could mean $200
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