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  1. I bet that gets them in the sack everytime.15 park bench, very tight dry, hot red head. It sucked shes says she was a virgin but i call bs. She also would NOT let me look at her wile sucking my ****. she had some phobia.
  2. I can't think of many good actors that aren't type casted. Actors who try to switch up roles too much generally hurt their career's imo.
  3. when i was 16 the cops caught me with weed and gave me a trespassing ticket. I just paid the ticket.
  4. I just picked up prince of persia. Its pretty good. I havent played too much so i might like it more half way through the game. anyone played this game?
  5. what are you going to do when its actually cold?pull up your skirts ladies.
  6. for women dress size really doesnt mean much, I think the "male ideal" is all about being symmetrical . it can be anywhere from 4-16 for alot of guys imo.and im at 5 for the rec and engaged, so i guess ive hung my **** up in the rafters at 5. I could of been a contender
  7. Its not cool to make new systems one after the other anymore. I remember back when ps1 came out there was already whispers about a ps3!!. This generation it seems like the companies are making money off the game and not the actual console's and im all for it.
  8. just finished the game and its pretty ****ing awesome. thanks alot bkg for telling to make a save. because I ended up doing it at the perfect time. That would of been annoying cause my last save before that was a wayyyys away. I only got to level 15, plus there is a bunch of side quests i can do.Kind of wished i played on hard because it was really really easy.
  9. ty sir because i didnt know that. It just seems like there are soooo many small towns that i havent been too. I always assumed id get to most of them playing the main quest but it doesn't seem that way. they are probably saving it for some of the DLC. Its the in thing to do these days to squeeze out those few extra dollars.
  10. Im on the american dream quest now. Looks like im nearing the end of the game? Enclave guys have captured me now. This story is pretty badass.I think i might do some more side quests not quite ready for this game to end yet.
  11. no not that one in particular. i never take anything you say as if your mad. You seem like a big time joker.
  12. Ive been starting to pop my head in and out of these challenge threads. I think they are great and filled with alot of good content. But I find that there is also a ton of bitching and whining that goes on too, then there's the guys who come in and try to "police" a thread that really doesn't have strict rules as per content.Im cool with policing a thread and keeping things right but it seems like people start dragging some petty little squabble all over the forum.I won't even start on the whole old boy/new boys bologna.All in all i think its great place and im not really helping by adding to
  13. I feel like im doing all those things even more when i have it closed, and probably too much if anything. But you have a point too i guess i could be more precise with my moves. My main issuse is knowing the money i really hate knowing that.edit- and wow excuse the terrible grammar and typing in that last post. and this one for that matter
  14. I didn't want to make a thread about this, cause it isn't really worthy of a whole thread. But im curious about something.I have a few friends whole play online poker, some with some sucess some without. But ive known these friends in particular for a long time.Am I the only one who NEVER looks at the lobby in an MTT i dont even keep it open at all. I dont know the payouts or how many people are left or anything like that EVER. It was just something i started doing after about a year. i really have no idea how many times ive bubbled or anything like that cause i NEVER look at anything. I can
  15. I put alot in to sneak and im happy about I breeze through battles. Im going through "murders pass" right now and its really easy so far killed 5 aliens wihtout out being touched. I just sneak around and get alot of critical hits. i have the finesse perk which helps alot too i think. i get a critical hit about every 6 bullets or so. For now its slightly too easy to kill guys. its seemed alot tougher earlier on.
  16. i find grocery money to be endearing.and for the record im into face sitting. but not face deification
  17. Im pretty sure we are on eachothers friend list, im "dopey is here" i see you playing COD4 ill come jump in a game you are playing one of these days
  18. just used the "here and now perk" after i levled up which is awesome on level 11 now. I should be able to get back at the main quest now. edit- on second thought that probably would of been good to use on lvls that take alot longer to lvl...im such a noob ...
  19. House?!?! wtf i dont have a house. I guess im just a homeless drifter. Is it lucas simms house im supposed to have? cause he's dead burke killed him. I guess i should look into this because ive been stowing items on dead bodies loool.Im a big noob to rpg's in general as you can see. This is the first rpg since zelda 64 that i really wanted to get to the end of. Good to hear about the DLC.Seems like the only thing this game is missing is some type of online feature.edit- tip: for lockpickers if you have attempted twice at a lock just back out and and retry again and you will get a fresh bobby
  20. Speaking of decision control. Im currently an Evil, Urban invader, and ive been trying to be nice!!!. The guys in paradise falls love me though. They give me all kinds of garbage.
  21. I blame the kid. He should of never let this get out. He could of owned her forever. The kid is not a victim and that is NOT molestation. What? the kid did it 300 times cause he hated it? He will always be a hero to me
  22. Damn that M4 is sexy. Ive been owning noobs with that thing since i was 10.
  23. conjunction junction whats your function?? I was born in the mid 80's but i most def remember this, vaguely albeit.
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