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  1. lol im sorry for ever doubting your greatness nutz! i should of known for you to say something like that it was more then a hunch! To be honest i didnt really know there was money involved till a few posts ago.and for your quote. Wow what a dumb ass how can you win at poker or sports betting when your THAT stupid? lol " i iknow what will throw them off changing my birth year by 2 years!!!! durrrrrrr"
  2. are macs really immune to viruses and spy ware i find that hard to believe. if so thats impressivejust everytime im infront of a mac i feel lost
  3. ok now that is odd the whole same birthday thing...
  4. o sigh plz macs are for girls who think e-mailing pics is some complicated computer process
  5. hey any cs:s players out there? ive been playing that game for 10 years lol steam ids?
  6. classic case of too much gay porn.honestly sounds like you have virus or spy ware activity. or the comp your using is from 1998 poker programs arent to much of a strain to run. id run a virus scan and spy ware check on both comps.
  7. he is now an elusive Illuminati and runs the world, you guys forgot he was jewish
  8. lol nutz well i really like your enthusiasm and i hope you get to the bottom of this!! but dont you think if he was trying to hide. He would make a new name? and not stick with ozi?
  9. if your looking for the easiest way.... there is none. Mtt=grind sng=grind cash=grind dont let people tell you anything else.so do what your most comfortable withwhhooo hoo 2k posts im so pro
  10. this is some weirdo sci-fi stuff how do you get completely erased off a forum? he did have a fairly loose tongue maybe he got some uber ban?I generally stay away from the forums when im running REALLY bad. I find it a HUGE drag to read about how nnb is winning back to back tournies ever other week. I know its weak but its what i do. am i the only one who feels this way?
  11. i hope oz gets well soon. I doubt oz's GF cares much about what his internet friends are saying. She probably sighs and is annoyed with the texts, and emails. Just, my take cause i know my GF and any girl ive met would probably feel that way.
  12. its all about appealing to the masses, and lon and norm do a good job. imo
  13. ok **** its been a rough mourning....and yes its 730pm just back off man!!!!. your puttin salt in my game
  14. when are they making a mini wcoop? its about time this is too balling for me
  15. i was hoping this was a joke but no one came out and said it. I gave it some time
  16. so i guess blindly jumping behind a stupid idea thats only gonna end bad is the right thing, just cause every other yo yo agrees with it. "yeah thats sounds about right for society"
  17. wow nnb's nuts must feel great! anyone else comes and writes this it'd be "wow your a douche" "tp/mm" yadaydada you win a few rebuys and you get all the ladies rubbing your nuts. sweeet
  18. ill play them all and lose. because full tilt hates me.
  19. hey since when do the regular rebuys on stars start with 2000 chips? that was a nice suprise
  20. im generally playing poker when posting i dont worry too much about grammar. But it wouldn't be much better even if i was looking out for it.ill stick to playing poker i guess
  21. you fall no where near the type of person i was describing. your jokes from what i see have taste and actual humour to them. raggin on someone just to rag on them with un witty material is pretty weak. when your older then 17
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