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  1. Any avenged 7 fold fans out there? I definently dont like all there songs but they have about 10 or so FANTASTIC songs the only problem is they are kind out queer. id reccommend listening before looking at them before you make judgements. id put them somewhere in the metal genre Ive seen them live and they were amazing none of the guys miss notes except the singer, weakest part of the group imo. The drummer and lead guitar are some of the best at what they do in that part of the music world. these are there 2 of the more commercial songs but a good place to start if youve never heard of them
  2. yeah it was bad at first but now aside from some gltchies it pretty much the same game as 1.6 with a face lift.are you guys playing codmw2 for xbox or pc? I have the pc version, not a very big fan of console shoorters, your so handicapped by your controller and once you play with good players it just turns into a camp fest. The pc version isnt much better but it is imomario should also stay in a 2d world i think im to old to handle mario in a 3d. Its just not the same
  3. lolol i just noticed your sig. my blood sugar was low when i wrote that.
  4. happy bday rose! my heart goes out to you and your family.
  5. I don't think isi is going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. looks like durr might be makin a mini rush
  7. even if your good enough to play PA,PI, and durrrr at the sametime at multiple tables why would you bother?dey are qwazy
  8. looks like he is getting had to me, and for the past month
  9. couldn't agree with you more.your so eloquentbut if he doesn't do anything he is pulling a roger clemens when he should be using a page from andy petite's book
  10. lol. dude my smiley face thing was drooling i was being sarcastic i agreed with you. But well spoken sir!
  11. so he is already forgiven for faking an illness and running off with money for 6 months.(thats yet to be paid back) If i knew people were so easy to give money out id scam them too if theyd forgive me 15 mins later
  12. Mark i agree with most of what you said here. I was exaggerrating to make a point. I think you are wayyyyyy to quick to jump on the forgiveness train here. He only said something cause he was caught. He would of gone on with this ALOT longer. Then the guy comes by a writes an OBVIOUS bs explanation. I am all for forgiveness but come on so soon...sorry that isnt me call me a heartless prick
  13. you've obviously never watched miami vice
  14. i think at this point a scanned copy of your medical bills might let you off the hook ...for some people..... id still say huuuuuggge douche
  15. at this point that seems the most logical to me lol@sam grizzleand after that its batman/bruce wayne
  16. i hope you get your money! but seriously wtf is wrong with some of you!!!!! your already ready to forgive this complete douche of a human. Its only a matter or time until he does it again. These kind of character traits dont just stop and you become a good person over night. Ozi may aswell have died to me.edit- and why cant he just send you the money NOW!!! online. Does his visa have crabs too?
  17. according to the texts, nutz i believe received. he is too sick to touch a computer and is a supposed bubble boy now. ergo he isnt sick cause he was on a comp when he was supposedly even more sick then now.
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