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  1. i got to page 30 and ive had enough for now. somewhere in late 2008 having a 5k+ post count, or being a winning player gave you a pass for being a complete douche. A few too many people took this too farway to go assholes you know who you are (i hope ...)how big of a pansy can you possibly be, tHat when you cant handle ONE persons opinion it causes you to create a whole new forum.
  2. ive made worse calls, when i click properly
  3. from my experience guys who are so concerned with hands generally are insecure about the tiny penis they possess . trust me makes sense
  4. does this not fall under the artist category?
  5. unless your some type of artist/musician etc.. or someone who cant help, click every ad that says "you have won 20$ for shooting the duck!!!" Your basically just throwing money away with macsbut i dont want to make this mac vs pc thread just my thought on the matter, i was just being a jerk off, when asking you ladies to pick up your skirts
  6. lol macs pull up ur skirts nubs
  7. it doesnt matter because your over setted.
  8. im very in to win. mrpristine on stars proxavier9 on full tilt
  9. any one remeber the smash theory to playing poker? i remeber i got a bunch of heat for saying it wasnt very good. I would looove to see people try and get by with that these days loool
  10. i havent been on the forums for about a year. This is the first thread i opened up. ahhhh good to be back.... whoever said this guy is an x-man, he is actually being scouted for my gifted group of youngsters.
  11. NO MENTION OF THE CHINOTTO IS A FAIL!!! actually id be very suprised if any of you guys liked that. its uber italian. but good shit. i guess you can say its an italian version of cola
  12. im sorry to hear about this, my condolences.
  13. you were little late on the thread, but whatever....
  14. so awesome man. i think isi is putting in a few too many hours in I see him playing more then any of the guys he is playing right now... by far.if he is some 18 year old sweedish vunderkind is it possible he really cant even grasp what he is actually doing? it can only be ego driving a kid like this. He obviously has no conecpt of money . Someone needs to get a hold of this kid and tell him to slow the **** down. With what he has done already he could already be a staple in poker for yeeeeeeears to come with tons of commercial deals and sponsorships. Just imagine the kind of full tilt ads the
  15. monster beat products are good but alot of your money is paying for what it looks like and not the parts inside. SHURE dominates the earbud market youll learn that quick. That is if your looking for QUALITY. My guess is sennheiser probably make a pretty good pair too that would be cheaper. I dont think any of SHURE sound isolating ear buds come in under 100 after its all said and done. They have a pair that run for 500 or something stupid like that.
  16. loool isi just finished cleanin durr. pretty sure durr is lookin for someone to lend him some money onlineid say durr lost 1 mill in about 6 hours
  17. You could go on about this for a while but the main thing is. A mouse will actually go where you point it. Where the controller is kind of random and no where near as accurate as a mouse. I have a question about the mouse and keyboard on ps3. Im sure most of you have noticed that games like MW2,halo3 and most console shooters except maybe the first halo have a SLIGHT amount of auto aim. When your cross hair goes over an enemy its like the cross hair has "magnetism" on the target it wont stay locked or anything but just for a second.Now do you still get this magnetism when using a mouse and k
  18. hi der welcome to the forums. If your lucky you already like trannies
  19. anything under 30 bucks will sound like shit especially after you put them to work for a whileThe best ones are made my SHURE they are amazing i think the cheapest pair are about 100 bucks but id recommend at least the one that are a level up from those. Which run for around 130. They are made for the pros. if your not looking to spend that much money take your pick cause they are all pretty much the same. GOOD ear buds are gonna cost around 100 for a set.but sigh you wont be as cool as people with ipod earbuds
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