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  1. re·tire   /rɪˈtaɪər/ Show Spelled [ri-tahyuhr] Show IPA verb, -tired, -tir·ing, noun–verb (used without object)1.to withdraw, or go away or apart, to a place of privacy, shelter, or seclusion: He retired to his study.2.to go to bed: He retired at midnight.3.to withdraw from office, business, or active life, usually because of age: to retire at the age of sixty.4.to fall back or retreat in an orderly fashion and according to plan, as from battle, an untenable position, danger, etc.5.to withdraw or remove oneself: After announcing the guests, the butler retired.–verb (used with object)6.to withdraw from circulation by taking up and paying, as bonds, bills, etc.; redeem.7.to withdraw or lead back (troops, ships, etc.), as from battle or danger; retreat.8.to remove from active service or the usual field of activity, as an army officer or business executive.9.to withdraw (a machine, ship, etc.) permanently from its normal service, usually for scrapping; take out of use.10.Sports . to put out (a batter, side, etc.).–noun Literary .11.a place of withdrawal; retreat: a cool retire from summer's heat.12.retirement or withdrawal, as from worldly matters or the company of others.

  2. took down the 17k guaranteed @ 1AM on ftp 2 nights ago. my first final table in months it felt good to get that monkey of my back. took the chip lead with 15 to go and never gave it back for a second. sweeeeettt such a sigh of relief. also im finally a winner on full tilt which has only took me about 4 years to do

  3. people love to talk about the long run, but never say how long that really is. 5k hands? 10k? 100K 1million? 2million? 1 brazzillion?!?! Lets say you started playing poker today and assume you were gonna start off on a 1 brazzillion hand downswing. Is it really a game of skill for that guy? I understand its highly unlikely, but it could happen. theoretically this guy could be playing his whole life just until any type of skill would ever factor in.don't really know where im going with that but it just "food for thought" i guessthoughts?

  4. add me inMaxStPolish on both Stars and Tilt.Definitely couldn't hurt to hopefully keep my arse more focused knowing others will be seeing my laundry!!Edit: I used my 5 searches for the day already, so it won't let me bring up my name to select the "opt in"
    im pretty sure if you send sharkscope 3 cents it auto opts you in. I might be wrong
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