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  1. Good to hear. I play micro limits but I would like to save up my points for a Fulltilt jersey one day.
  2. I searched and couldn't find it. Does anyone know if/when Full TIlt POints expire?
  3. I actually do not run any other poker programs. I just got my PC back from repair for a completely unrelated issue, and I haven't installed any other poker software since. Maybe I will try a new site tomorrow and test it out.
  4. There are two cordless phones in my house, but I don't know the specs.I don't get overall network problems, just this lag with Full Tilt. I do not experience any problems surfing the web or downloading or anything, so I'm not sure where you can go with that one...
  5. Well if you really insist on paying someone, I can make a suggestion I guess. This is what I have been doing, though it is not a "fix". I have been streaming video clips in IE in the background and leaving AIM on whenever I play poker.This does not fix the problem entirely, but I do believe it is helping.If you want to send me some cash for THAT I will humbly accept! Ha! Also, this very minute, I am running Bit Torrent (uploading and downloading) and Fulltilt is running flawlessly. Worth a try if you just want some smooth play for a while.Although I would still appreciate any tips for a rea
  6. The wireless card is Intel 2200 built into the PC. The drivers have been completely updated. I just switched it to channel 11 and no luck. Any thing else?
  7. I have a problem maintaining a steady connection while I play online at Full Tilt, and I need help diagnosing this problem.My internet connection (DSL) appears steady in Internet Explorer and actually is very fast, and there is no noticeable problems in any program except Full Tilt (although I have NOT tested other poker software).Strangely, when Full Tilt appears to be lagging, I can click a link in Internet Explorer and it is as if Full Tilt begins to respond simultaneously. In other words, it appears as if Full Tilt is not even trying to connect unless another program is accessing the Inte
  8. Thanks for the tips guys! As of right now I am torn between the Aladdin and the WSOP Circuit event. I have never played live before and I can't wait.Yes I will be arriving LATE Thursday night, and leaving early Saturday morning. So Friday is my day.Also, as an aside, I have this recurring dream where I am in a big buy in MTT and I do not know the chip values, and DN and Phil Hellmuth get annoyed at me for slowing down the game. Am I normal?
  9. Also, there is a $200 WSOP circuit event at Harrahs that day that I am kind of considering.Does anyone have any experience with these? It appears to be a one day event, but does anyone have an idea how many entrants these usually get, if the structure is good, any other misc advice about it?Thanks again.EDIT: Circuit event is at Caesars
  10. I am going to Vegas but only passing through. I have one full day (Friday) where I am free. I would like to play a NLHE tournament, preferably under $100, but I do not want to play a tournament with an insane structure.I have searched around and found that Luxor has cheap tournaments but I have read that the structure sucks.Does anyone have any advice for where I can find a decently structured under-$100 tournament on Friday in Vegas?Thanks for any tips.
  11. This is my second general rules question in two days. This one probably won't be as controversial.In a tournament, when the blinds are raised and chips are replaced with higher denomination chips, what is the protocol on remainders?I (wrongly?) believed values were always rounded up to the next chip value.For example, if $25 chips will be removed and now the lowest denomination will be $100, how much does a player with $525 end up with?Logically it should be $500, but I always thought it was wrong to take any money from a player that he has earned. Would this player be rounded up to $600?Wha
  12. So at Showdown you technically (though not ethically) have the right to see EVERY hand?What if it's heads up at the end of a tournament? If it gets to showdown I can see his hand? There's no threat of collusion.This is creating more questions than answers for me...So what if it was me and player B heads up for the tournament. I bet the flop, he calls. We check it down. Showdown: I show one card for top pair. He mucks.Can I look at his cards? Can he still demand to see my second card after he mucks?
  13. This was sort of the controversy in our game.The SB actually argued he didn't have to show his second card after the BB mucked. When I asked to see his second card he said No. He claimed that he didn't need a live hand to win the pot because the BB mucked, even though the BB (technically) did so out of turn.I sort of agree with him now that I've thought about it more.Imagine this situation:The SB declares verbally "Top pair." BB mucks. Now does SB have to show his hand?Logically (to me anyway) the answer should be the same for both situations.I think you would agree in situation 2, SB wou
  14. Very basic rules question. Last home game I played there was an argument, I want to be 100% sure of this for the next game.Preflop:It folds to the SB, who calls the BB. BB checks.Flop:SB bets. BB calls.Turn:Check, check.River:Check, check.The SB turns over one card and says "Top pair." The BB mucks.An observer says he has to show two cards to win. SB claims since the BB mucked, it's his pot.Is he right?Does the rest of the table have the right to see his second card?
  15. what java apps do you know of that can work for my phone ? id be interested to try them out.from what ive read my phone uses BREW which is different from java, but it doesnt seem like theres much to download with it... i dunno.but if you could show me some of the apps that do work id appreciate it.thanks again.
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