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  1. DN, what's up? You used to be my favorite players and a fun guy to listen to in your blog and other media forums, but you have really gone off the deep end. What is going on? You actually sound like a *****. You had a bad run of cards, tilted a bit and pretty much quit playing any real poker. You haven't been the same since your $1.3M loss. You need to get over it. You are making money playing video games and pool? WTF? SERIOUSLY! You sound like a total moron and it looks like you are losing it.All you need is to step down in limits, rebuild your confidence and make some real money p
  2. Results are measured in big bets per hour, at least in limit games. So if DN makes one big bet per hour, and plays 100 hours, he should make 800,000 playing at 4,000 - 8,000. He doesn't always play at this level, so you need to consider the average limit he plays at over the total number of hours played. If you take these results over one year you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not he is successful at his current limits. What interests me is what kind of bankroll you need to have to play in the big game? Doyle says 300 big bets. That would be $2.4M, however, he lost $1.3M in
  3. I have really been thinking about DN really had to call Hansen's check raise all in on high stakes poker when DN had sixes full of fives nad Hansen had quad 5's. (to recap, DN had 66, GH had 55 with a board of 96558)Did he really think Hansen would have made that play with a straight? I don't think so, and to that point DN only had $100,000 invested in the pot. He had to call an additional $167K to call Hansen's bet. The only possible hands Hansen could have made that play with would be 55, 88, or 99, all of which had DN beat. The funny thing is that DN knew it and paid him off anyway. H
  4. i thought dn lost $1M in one day, when are those results going to post? poor guy, I wouldn't want to post that either; i am curious what his total poker bankroll really is; any guesses? I would guess around $10M... Anyone else?
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