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  1. None. Because the World Series of Poker rules state: "The one-player-to-a-hand rule will be compulsory."
  2. You take a few losses during the night, maybe one bad play and a few bad beats but for the most part you are playing well. As a recreational player you look at your bankroll and don’t want to end the night in the red. You think to yourself “I can slip up a few levels, play a few hands, just steal some blinds and never play a big hand and easily make back my losses with little or no risk”. Sure enough the first time you try it, it works. Not only are you out of the red but “Wow, I made just as much in 45 minutes as a 3 hour grind at the lower levels!” You swear to yourself, “I’ll never do this
  3. Where are you getting this info from? Did you get an email or message on the site? I got nothing, just a refund with the Outcome "No Action".
  4. Warbow


    Ok. let's ask a question. You're in Kenna's seat. Your opponent is walking away from the table and the dealer is shoving the chips toward you. Do you bring it to the dealer's attention that it is a split pot?
  5. When is the news media going to point the finger in the right direction, at the parents?
  6. Does PokerTracker even work with Bodog? It's not on the supported sites list.
  7. Most of the locals are used to the hot temperatures of Nevada and get cold inside the casinos. Most tourist find the temperature in the casinos comfortable. I'd just take a jacket in case I got cold in the casino or at night.
  8. 55% of Cardplayer.com readers are winning poker players.http://www.cardplayer.com/poll/index.php?poll_id=359Does this seem like people are deceiving themselves?
  9. After reading this post, I started wondering what my win ratio was in H2H. I normally only play H2H while I'm waiting for a SNG to start or if I been running badly in a ring game.Over the last 30 days my total win ratio at H2H is 67.5%. During that time my best winning steak was 12 straight games. This was immediately followed by a 3 game losing streak, which happened to be my worse losing streak during that time.The more I started looking the more the stats interested me. I found that my worse win ratio was at the smallest tables. At the $5 table my win ratio is at 61%, but at $10 and up my r
  10. Seems pretty obvious to me that Daniel made these two gentlemen an offer to quit. "I'll give you $5,000 for your stack of chips right now. But you must leave now and your chips will be removed from the table. You forfeit all chance of being my protégé, but you have $5,000 in cash." Then the camera watches as they agonize over whether they can make a come back or just take the guaranteed money and run.
  11. Nope, meant Check/Call, I play on Bodog. Auto-fold on Bodog, means fold!
  12. I've slow played for a disconnected player twice since I started playing online. The first time I slow played, the guy came back and called me an idiot, but said thanks. The second time, the player returned and just cussed at me for stealing his blinds, even though I had waited. Since then I can't hit the call/check button fast enough.
  13. It depends on how long you play and how many hands you play.Rake/Points $1.00 - $3.00/1.00 $0.50 - $0.95/0.50 $0.25 - $0.45/0.25 $0.05 - $0.20/0.10 Plus, 1 point is awarded for every 60 minutes of play. This is not added until the end of the day.
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