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  1. I felt so sorry for you so I will write in this thread what I wanted to write in that other huge fishie thread.You know someone's a fish when they say: "I am a proud member of the FCP forum. I posted that hand you played against me there and everyone agreed you are a donk"
  2. i only agree with this statement when in regards to lower limits.5-10, 10-20 are considered lower limits at live casinos.20-40 can be considered perhaps the start of middle limits.the higher you go in limits the less accurate your statement is.as far as DN playing online, yes i am aware of his site. but you would have to agree he is considered a live cash game and tourney player with limited online experience at best. even with that he took on some of the better high limit online players and so far has the better of it. so i believe this is a small example that backs my statement. in addit
  3. This is bull. Perhaps in like 200 NL or maybe even 100 NL this might be true. In 25 NL people are so retarded that they call here with any ace any twopair and perhaps middlepair but the key is to not check the flop. just bet out and they will think "he cant have a good hand since if he had he would have checked". Never ever check raise just freaking mega bet!
  4. value betting is overrated. just push and you will be fine.
  5. Putting it real simple: if you call a raise on the river (in limit) when you're behind you make a small mistake but if you fold to a raise (still limit) when you're ahead you make a freaking huge mega sup4r dupa mistake.
  6. Regarding early posting: I often say to my newb friends "what you do before the flop in NL is not that important and that is super true in fishy games such as 25 NL to 100 NL. I have actually tried to have 85% VPIP in 25NL and ran a great profit over 2000 hands (yeah no sample size but anyway). THe players are so bad that you can play whatever you want preflop.
  7. Had to register to write an answer to this. I have played online for around four years and are making a living at it. Since I live in Sweden I have never really had the chance to play any live games. Anyway just for fun me and a friend went to Vegas to play some poker. At first we were a little bit nervous about playing since all the players you see on TV are there and youve heard about great players grinding their living there. However, the general skill level at the NL tables in Vegas was way below the easiest low stakes online tables. After the initial surprise of these awful players we ad
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