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  1. Who else is playing. My name is jam-fly
  2. Im not sure what he meant.But surely they cant stop you from logging on from different places. i quite often play in internet cafes when away or at my friends house when staying with him
  3. I read the reviews on Amazon and they sounded pretty bad, so i decided to get a loan of it before buying it. I find it very annoying, never really like TJ but this book, he just says, this is stupid dont be a retard and do that, never ever ever do that, altho once in this game in dallas i did it, but back in dallas we used to start tournaments with 11 players per table rather than 10, and lemme tell you this, a hand at an 11 handed must be better than one at a 6handed table, and as Stuey Ungar said, you just gotta have...........etc.Hopefully itll get better as ive only read a bit but it is ki
  4. ''Its the cards you get and the face you put on''After my QQ getting cracked by his 52 on a board of xxx25, thats right he called me down with 5-high, then bottom pairAJs versus AK, all in pre flop''Its a coin flip''''Your such a good player, how did you make that call and then hit heart-heart to beat his trip 8s''''I gotta fold, i know you have it'' on board of 666A6 or even better missing out on a four split on a board of TAKQJ
  5. yea, forgot about that, have only played there once or twice.Bout full tilt, im playing it now and i am getting used to the software, but it aint that good (or bad if thats what u were thinking). Maybe 7.5 or 8
  6. In general, what makes the famous movie + sports stars famous ? Well, in general its the fact that they ARE move and sports stars. But when being talked about, most people dont want to know what Angelina Jolie thinks of her up coming movie, they want to know about her relationship with Brad Pitt. Do people want to know what David Beckham thinks of the up coming game against Villareal ? or the rumour that his marriage is in trouble ? People like to know more about famous than what made them famous in the first place, and imo, thats why i think DN is such a popular player, because he willingly o
  7. Rate um out of 10 in:SoftwareMoney deposit safety/convinienceTournamentsCash GamesFreerolls, bouses, frequency points, prizes etc.Other Insentives to playFor the sites Ive played at:FCP-S 7.5M 6T 8CT 7.5B 7O 9PS-S 9M 7T 8CT 8B 8O 7.5IP/WH-S 8M 9T 5CT 8B 6O 4FT-S 7M 8.5T 6CT 8.5B 8.5O 10
  8. I think they're both overrted.But Laak makes for great TV and hes Irish, Williams seems to be a good player with good instincts. But if you say that he is down alot from tournaments, thats pretty scary considering hes cashed in the WSOP and the WPT (well, not just cashed but made to the final table).I suppose i think Williams is the better player but I'm not that impressed by either. With regards to the media tho, these players are better known (and therefore the public assume are better players) than top class players like Minh Ly and Chau Giang (I reminded of Daniels article about Asian play
  9. Defiantely wished i started out like this. i started playing with play money, then deposited $50 on stars, and started playing .50/1. Obviously this was way too high. my only exp was watching WSOP and WPT on challenge. Of course i saw it and thought, hey i can do that, and i thought i was the best palyer in the world.I have recently dposited again and, co-incidentally, I have just started to keep records and I am moving up slowly. Most of my 'poker friends' play limits unrealistic to their rolls, one in particular would play 5/10 blinds one day and the play $13 SNG the next.But definately a go
  10. My first thought was that he was playing like a flush draw, semi-bluffing on the flop then trying to get free cards. But then I thought, he could also have 4-5 and hit his hand with the ace. But even if he did have a flush, it could be a junk flush, he could have any two diamonds on the big blind. Im not sure what the format is for SSIII but if it is like the others where blinds go stupidly big, I'd go all in to try and accumulate chips. Its not a situation where ''you'll only get called if your beaten'', here you can beat 4-5, a lower flush, 1 pair (where s/he feels that you raised on the flo
  11. In events like the WSOP main event and the 1million guarenteed tournament on pokerstars, luck is a huge element to winning the event, chances are the skillful palyers will cash, reach the final table or possibly, win it. But to actually win these events ALOT of luck is needed. ButHow many players were in this tournament ? Im sure it wasnt as many as the world series. The first year only 18or27 players got money, but im not sure about this year. But basically, the less players, the more skill required, but entering the WSOP main event for eample is like enter the lottery
  12. Anyway else think that other games help your poker ? and if so, what ones ?feel free to post any comments
  13. Thats what i love about gus' strategy. it IS mathematically based. I think some of the hands from poker superstars explains it best. please remember its been a while since i saw then and the details will not be 100% rightHand 1gus FOLDS straight flush draw. why ? he made a list of the possible hands his opponent could have, and worked out what sort of a dog/favourite hed be against each hand. so due to the pot odds, and the probability of his opponents having each hand (eg he may think there is a 20% his opponent has Ace-small and 30% his opponent has a pp) he folded the hand. due to the fact
  14. Alright guys, take it handy. Didn't put in all the details but didnt want to bore ye.Stack sizes of relevant players were:Seat 1 120kMe 75kBB 10kBlinds 5k/10k7left, 8 get money. 1st-750 2nd-300, 6th-100, 7th-90other stacks had between 60 and 100kHand went like this, with no commentary...BB is all inSeat 1 raises to 30k Me go all in for 75k totalSeat 1 callsSeat 1 show Ah8hI show AcKdBB shows Ts6hmain pot=35kside pot=130kBoard= xxx88Seat 1 collects 165k from potBB is eliminated, he gets 90euroI am eliminated, i get 90euroInfo on seat 1 - Had been at table with him for 4 hands, he rais
  15. I dunno. But the net worth of a poker player can defiantely vary. I'd guess maybe 8-12million. But if he can piss away a few 100k online he has to be rich enough
  16. What ? well (not that I can see) there's no wrong spelling in that sentence, and if there is in the main paragraph, its probably an abreviation or typo or whatever. Or else I'm just completely missing the point
  17. Well, its unethical to let a fish keeps its money. But telling him 'I really think you should try the lower stakes' or something similar i think is appropriate, but if he still wants to play, then who are you to say anymore, you gave him a chance to get out
  18. I've played I think 6or7 live poker tournaments. Ranging from 2 to 10 tables. Ive made one final table where the top 6 got paid, went out 8th i think. But I made my first cash on Monday night !I think I shudda won it tho. Went out on this hand: Seat 1[chipleader] raises 3xBB [30k], I know, he has an ace, the bb is all in and he is raises to try to isolate the player. It folds round to me in Middle pos, i go all in with AK for another 45k. I thought hed think id make this play with any ace, so i tohught hed call, and he did. It was AKvsA8vsT6, but the AKvA8 was the important one for the side po
  19. I never understood that the first time i watched it either. first i thought that he had just 3k at the start or something, but it must have been the 'reload at any time'. But another flaw I thought was the chip value/stacks. Did they just have a load of chips, shuv um into the pot and 'say' the bet or do you think they had real values for the chips.
  20. you need a story line. there first rounders wasnt strictly poker, Damon had to play poker to get enough money to pay off worms debt. Dont know a storyline atm, but I think it should inclue:1) Matt at the WSOP main event, when the movie was made, cant remeber. At the end of the movie, where he is going to the world series in the cab, have him at that saying something like ''Binions horseshoe casino, final table 2003'' and have mike knocked out by chris moneymaker after getting all in as a 96% favourite, having Farha and Harrington in the back ground would be cool too.2) Ben Affleck3)Internet Po
  21. Is there any book on Pot limit and/or fixed limit Omaha. you see i dont play hi/lo, but want to learn more about omaha but not waste money on omaha hi/lo. A book with Omaha, hold em, 7stud AND hi/lo is okay, but one with alot of info on PLO
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