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  1. Main Stage

    Seat 1: Joshua Beckley - 5,675,000 (14 bb)

    Seat 2: --empty--

    Seat 3: --empty--

    Seat 4: --empty--

    Seat 5: Alexander Turyansky - 4,550,000 (11 bb)

    Seat 6: Joe McKeehen - 54,950,000 (137 bb)

    Seat 7: --empty--

    Seat 8: Federico Butteroni - 9,300,000 (23 bb)

    Seat 9: Daniel Negreanu - 6,825,000 (17 bb)


    Outer Table

    Seat 1: --empty--

    Seat 2: Neil Blumenfield - 23,000,000 (56 bb)

    Seat 3: Pierre Neuville - 15,725,000 (39 bb)

    Seat 4: Zvi Stern - 28,500,000 (71 bb)

    Seat 5: --empty--

    Seat 6: --empty--

    Seat 7: Thomas Cannuli - 15,000,000 (37 bb)

    Seat 8: Patrick Chan - 9,325,000 (23 bb)

    Seat 9: Max Steinberg - 19,850,000 (50 bb)

  2. When he finally lost in final jeopardy it was on one of the easiest questions


    Something about which Internet social media site sold for 1 billion in 2010. He said Twitter which was probably worth way more than a bil in 2010, it was Instagram. I almost guessed snapchat, but Twitter was a horrible guess


    Twitter was a horrible guess alright. In this social media age, Twitter has been around for a long time and would def have sprouted up well before 2010. Funny how some questions seem easy and others seem difficult to different people. Just had a look at his Hendon Mob profile and it seems he was still playing poker consistently in 2009, would the likes of Negreanu etc not have been very active on Twitter at that stage?

  3. Essay's Top Ten Half Hour Comedies


    1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    2. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    3. The Office (America)

    4. Fraiser

    5. Arrested Development

    6. Parks and Recreation

    7. 30 Rock

    8. MASH

    9. Seinfeld

    10. Wings


    Narrowly Missing the Cut:




    South Park

    Spin City

    The Andy Griffith Show


    I highly approve of this list.

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  4. I know this is a dated topic, but the question is till relevant given his results since 2010. I assume he must have invested his income (he sold a site for a lot during the boom) and has a really decent yearly income from these investments, along with whatever endorsements, tournament winnings, other cash winnings etc he makes. High stakes online cash games have to be a major drain though and you have to wonder how long he can lose so much.

  5. If FCP was worth $170million, how much would be Pokerstars be worth?


    eleventy bazillion dollars



    Tbf, there was a much bigger split in the market back then. PartyPoker was market leader, with both PokerStars and FullTilt holding similar shares of the market in 2nd/3rd (IIRC). Obviously post UIGEA everything, esp PartyPoker's landscape, changed. $170mil sounded absurd when I first heard, but I guess I can see how it's possible people felt FCP was worth that much.

  6. Have to agree with pretty much everything Daniel said. Common sense should always be high on the check list for TDs. If guys are angle shooting or genuinely acting out of order, it becomes apparent fairly easily.


    Specifically in Matusow's case, I wasn't there so can't say for certain, but celebrating without berating someone, no matter how excessive the celebration, surely deserves a warning before a penalty.

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