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  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed Cunningham's walk haha, but oh my god if durrr made that call on hellmuth that could of gone down as the biggest phil hellmuth blow up in HISTORY i was soooooooooooooooooooooooo glued to the tv, when he faked called i was sooo excited.I'm surprised phil picked up on it so fast as about to flip his hand over, that very well could of saved him. Any comments on that fake call/fake flip?
  2. Hey guys, well I'm looking for the hand history where Iron Money bluffed shankingyou pair of 9's vs his runner runner trips (still don't know how he laid it down)Anyone got a hand history? As I couldn't find anything like this on the forums,thanks
  3. medical insurance and life insurance are 2 different things last time I checked
  4. So damn true, like I can't say anything else because you just hit the nail on the head, if I lived in the states, this is one expense that I would never go tight pocketed on. You never know when you can get hurt. No one ever said anything about young kids playing sports too how many injuries would a kid have from playing a contact sport? I played quite a bit of sports when I was young and was hit extremely hurt but I was luckly to come out of it all with 1 injury a seperated shoulder.But I always saw my friends get concussions/broken limbs/bad bad cuts.
  5. Just a question regarding taxation, although you can say "there goes $1.5million," can he claim losses from poker as well after all it is his profession, I'm guessing he can, but can someone confirm please?
  6. Makes sense, thanks. Now I'm wondering when they are taped haha
  7. Read this in Daniel's blog.Anyone or Daniel know why it is postponed?edit: checked nbc schedule and they still have it on for next week (new episodes), maybe the one daniel was going to be doing won't air till a week after the next one or something along those lines?
  8. over reaction hoooooooooooly. You lost $5,000 big deal. That doesn't mean you should end your life. Playing drunk and high won't help.Don't think you will get much sympathy because of those two things there. As for being a professional poker player......with a $10,000 bankroll? Think you need to set your priorities straight and as others said manage your bankroll, start off not playing high/drunk and make sure you don't get carried away playing heads up in ring.Maybe play lower blinds too."what should i do...should i end my life or quit poker"Hmmmm tough question there, stop living. Or stop pl
  9. that AK vs AK vs your 99 was brutalllllllllll
  10. Any bets lately Daniel? You must be busy with the vegging
  11. I wouldn't say his attitude towards losing a million is only based on his amount in his bankroll, but his confidence in able to win that back could happen just as fast as he lost it.We need to understand that if he won a million he wouldn't react like it is THAT big of a deal as it sounds. A million sounds like a lot of money but when you're playing cash games where some pots get as high as $300,000 it isn't that big after all.This is his job, he needs large sums of money to make large sums of money, and who knows he could get in a horrible run for months like any other poker player.It is too
  12. You really take that to heart? So what if its first class?When I read that line I actually laughed and I thought hahaha oh Daniel your so great. hahaI'd expect him to travel 1st class anyway, plus with amount of traveling he'll do it be a lot easier and more relaxing in first class I don't see why you'd take it to heart like that unless you were jealous or something. But thats just my 2 cents I guess everyone takes it diferently
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