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  1. Despite pokernews101's nice compliment, I've given this some more thought and I'm not sure it's such a great question. As people at Ultimate Butt taught us, it's easy to play poker against someone when you know their hand. To counteract this I think it would be in the aces best interest to just go all in preflop. Then it becomes a simple matter of figuring out, if you're player B, where you're at against aces.
  2. Hypothetical: two players of equal strength play heads up:Player A always has aces (but only gets two cards.)Player B gets four cards (but two aces are out of the deck.)Who's the favorite.
  3. Thank you for the response on my question about top pair. That's a different way of looking at it than I anticipated. I remember Jamie Gold, at the WSOP that he won, telling his opponent he had "top top" like it was the nuts or something, and we all know how good he turned out to be. I think, essentially, I've been doing what you suggest but now it'll be in front of my mind instead of in back.
  4. How good is top pair?I ask this, as an avowed donkament player, since it seems to me the median hand you should be willing to get all in with on the flop. That is, when I get all in with it it seems to be good about half the time and crushed the other half. In limit, obviously, I can just call down but in no limit it's a real problem.I lucked into an entry to Poker Maximus main event on Lock (sick brag) and went in totally intimidated and bled off my stack. Towards the end, I saw a couple hands that made me believe i was giving these guys too much credit, but by then it was too late and I l
  5. Thanks for the reply, and I'm not trying to be rude, I'm really not, but we've heard the short answer before I'm kind of interested in the long one. And, while I'm no great fan of hers my familiarity with her is, as with most people, through her many television appearances. On those, she appeared strident yet intense and earnest in her love of poker.
  6. Why do you hate Annie so much?
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