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  1. What will happen to the 27 cents i still have at PP? Is it gone forever?
  2. And this response epitomizes everything that is wrong with this forum.
  3. *sighI think you will get all the street cred you deserve.Actually i was posting a riddle for people that like to figure out riddles, not for people that like answering riddles they already know. My bad.
  4. Actually i am questioning your intellect.What credit do you think you garner from answering a riddle you already know?If it makes that much of a difference we can still credit your superior intellect by giving KKcountry the credit for first correct answer if you edit your original post.
  5. obviously you have heard it, thx for giving others a chance. why dont you take your post down?
  6. You are sitting a this years' final table of the WSOP and it is heads up and the stacks are even. On the river you are put all-in by your opponent. There are two spectators that know the strength of both your and your opponent's hands.One of the spectators can only lie the other can only tell the truth but you do not know which is which.You can ask only one question to one of the spectators to determine if you should call or fold. Obviously you hold a moderetly strong hand but not the nuts.What question would you ask to ensure you make the right decision?
  7. I played the vid over and over and it does actually look like freddy put a 'Chip' in his pocket. It definetley wasn't 'chips', but 1 blue is like 25k.It could also just be an optical illsuion, but his fingers are clenched to his palm as he pushes himslef up from the table, then while his hand is closed he makes a move to pull up his pants and for a millisecond his thumb and index finger are in his pocket and then his palm is open. I find it a funny bit of editing that that exact moment is caught and put in the show. I definetely see what Johnny saw but it was kinda of a punk move unless the
  8. Actually i make pretty decent spending money at the live game $50-100/ week. It just seems that something else in life will always come up to negate that profit. :cry:
  9. Im not quite sure if you're sincere or not Vogel, but if you are ty. I play for 3-4 hours everyday with a mix of live and on-line play and really do just play cause i love the game.Or because i have no life. :wink:
  10. Remember the Sienfeld episode where Jerry is Even Steven?Well sometimes I feel that is me.If i win $200 at limit i lose $200 at nl.If i win $25 on tuesday, i get a parking ticket for $25 on wednesday.If im winning on line for a week, i'm losing in my local live game and vice versa.The final straw came on wednesday when i got 3rd place in a small live MTT tourny which paid 40 bucks. Somewhere between the car and the house i lost 40 bucks out of my pocket.Anyone else experience this phenomenom?Btw, I've had a FT account for exactly a year. Play 4-5 SnG's a day and have exactly the same amount
  11. If you play outdoors (which we do)...Even if its...A. 40 degrees outsideB. It's rainingC. It's 3 a.m.The sad thing is im not lieing.
  12. Try these...there kewlhttp://www.pokerchips.com/chips/plastic%20...asticchips.htmlYou can make the pinkies $.25 for your broke azz peeps
  13. U trying to program a bot and disquise it as a hypothetical math question Alf?oh i forgot, bots don't exist.
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