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  1. If you like being able to finish tournies, I would say stars.Depending on who is around and who cares, this is a post that could set off a massive flame war. But since I am guessing noone is, and noone does, I doubt it will.LOL, ok so im going to get flamed for this??? As long as they answer the question flame away...And ty
  2. Ok so whats better...Full tilt or Pokerstars???I want to commit to one site and I wanted to hear some good/bad about either of them???
  3. very very very good point... kind of like the hand above calling with QJs... and catching a miracle card to win???... is it just me or did anyone else notice that it was pokerstars he was playing on???I have one question... at what point during a losing session do you quit? Is it just me or do you feel like you can keep playing and win it back, or just go all in with the pittance you have left and hope to double up??? I just want to know peoples thought process of when to shut it down for the night when youre losing$$$
  4. Is this going to be the "New Main Event"is it even real???Cardplayer had a post about this... I didnt see anything else about it here and I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about this???http://cardplayer.com/poker_news/detail.php?p_id=764[/url]
  5. Actually the total ammount of MTT winnings from the top 6 finishers is under 12K...since 2003... thats kind of funny... especially since 6th place paid $27,671... A couple have no previous PS MTT record...at all...kind of funny... really is... (JW)
  6. Ok now I dont know a lot but here are the official stats for the guy who won this event tonight...Total Winnings: $2,263 Total Final Tables: 1Tournaments Played: Date Tournament/Event Place Winnings 12/04/2005 Hold'em PL $50 16 $128 09/19/2005 Hold'em NL $20 46 $46 09/17/2005 Hold'em NL $30 85 $45 09/14/2005 Hold'em PL $10 21 $30 09/13/2005 Hold'em NL $10 135 $16 09/12/2005 Hold'em NL $10+Rebuys 57 $74 09/11/2005 Hold'em NL $20 7 $102 07/30/2005 Hold'em NL $20 31 $51 07/26/2005 Hold'em NL $20 24 $93 07/24/2005 Hold'em NL $200 47 $1,676 Makes you want to change your name and start all over agai
  7. I thought you were going to say..' he had a feeling' I was gonna PUKE if I heard that again...lolLMAO... No way...anyone who says "they had a feeling" lose a LOT of money on that feeling and when they finally hit their hand they can say... I knew it... LMAO... No way man... the only feeling you get in poker is NAUSEA from seeing someone play 89off and hit quads on you...
  8. He was rushing... you all know the feeling when the deck is hitting you (apparently very hard here) you feel like you can win with anything... You all have been there too... Not saying it was a good call... but put yourself in his shoes
  9. Ok so all joking aside... im sure some of you signed up for this... whos in?
  10. Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:42 pm Post subject: *New Journal Entral Coming Tonight 12/7* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have alot to talk about so make sure to check it out. Thanks, Dan I know Im new... but this is too sad to be true just plain hilarious... Wrote a post to come check out his future blog... thats just funny...really really funny...
  11. I just wanted to know who plays KQ... My friends and I call it Automatic Exit... But I see too many ppl winning with it... just curious to see who does or does not play it... Ok edited version just because someone brought jesus into this...Lets say your in early position with an average stack.. so no raise... table image is standard...Ok now youre in late position with a small stack.. TI the same...In a tournament before the first break in middle position...And finally youre playing NL cash game early position with a short stack...
  12. Glad to see Raymer can make miracles happen (6 2 suckout) even across the pond....Maybe its the X-Ray glasses russg was talking about... yeah and I saw the 93 and 94 WSOP last night too... I love the DVP commentary..."oh he must have AK... he must..." guy flips trips...Just funny...Thank you ESPN classic...(SW)
  13. 2006 Goal is to make money...My goal is to make money. It is not ... to impress my opponents. ... to survive the hand. ... to make sure my opponents don't bluff. ... to decrease my variance. My goal is to make money. It is not ... to find out "where I'm at" during the hand. ... to accumulate a big stack or cover the table. ... to play in higher stakes games. ... to finish the session ahead. My goal is to make money. It is not ... to deceive my opponents. ... to improve my PokerTracker statistics. ... to say at showdown that I started with a better hand. ... to create a table image I like. My g
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