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  1. I really don't get the logic that check/calling flop puts you in a lot of bad spots but calling pre is optimal. Plays seem pretty comparable in that they both leave you with awful options.You allow Ike to play this hand perfectly. If he has nothing, he now shuts down and loses a pf raise and a c-bet which I'm sure he is prepared to do a ton through the course of a tourney. If he wants to get it in, he's either flipping or has you crushed, and his get it in range prob has 60-65% equity vs. your hand.
  2. I think with Daniel's image, shoving > 3b/calling >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flatting pre.Playing a pot with 88, 30bb deep, OOP against Ike Haxton, you just have no chance to play that postflop profitably. I don't think Daniel 3-bets light enough to get Ike to 4b jam light in this spot.Flatting pre is absolutely suicidal. His range is so wide and undefined, and he can just abuse you when you flat in this spot. You're not deep enough to flat for set equity and you can't outrun the mat
  3. Tried PM'ing but it's disabled.MK, I'm moving to Chicago on Friday starting up a job as an options trader in the West Loop. Living in Lakeview. Shoot me an e-mail at bzimcosk@gmail.com. I'll note your response and send you a response from my new e-mail address after I'm sure this one will be flooded with amateur porn sites from Napa in mere minutes.Hugs and kisses to everybody. Platonically of course.
  4. Sup guys.Just popping in to say hi, I know I'm never on FCP anymore. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm graduating college tomorrow. I'm gonna play poker for a while, then if that doesn't work out I'm gonna either get a job or go back to school. President Obama is going to be our commencement speaker. Just wanted to thank you guys for helping me grow up when I was a young lad.
  5. This coincides perfectly with my Spring Break. HU tourney has such sick sick value that it's impossible to pass on. Will 100% be there.
  6. Napa, if you are really going to Vegas, please let me know.I'm going to be there on Thursday morning through the following Sunday. Give me a PM/Facebook message with your number. We'll see if we can convince rangsurf to come up. (Does he still post here anymore?)
  7. Was told to check out this thread by someone. I'm flattered you guys would throw my name out there, but I'm def not deserving considering I barely post on FCP anymore. Plus, one donkament win plus a few close calls, and pedestrian cash results don't make a good player of the year.I'm just not around during school much at all because of workload, so it's tough for me to find time to post here, especially because I don't play much at all when I'm in school.There are tons of deserving candidates, both in the cash and tournament spectrum, I wish everybody the best for a great 2010.
  8. This stuff is maybe the most disgusting thing you can legally drink according to the FDA.
  10. Daniel, I respect you as a player, but lol @ that twitter post.
  11. It probably was. I was just tilted and wanted to tee off on somebody, Daniel made himself a pretty easy target.New car is awesome, I'd say about 95% chance I get laid this weekend and I attribute most of that to my car. Well that and my godlike physique.
  12. OK, can we revisit this because I really think this is hilarious.I know he added some later, but this post has no content at all. None whatsoever.A "simple" Stud 8 scenario? As in a hand that has generated more discussion on FCP than any other hand in a year? And a situation where DN said himself that there are multiple streets where it is "close".Then the last sentence is basically just underlining the principle of coaching. The point of coaching is that you explain to people things that they don't get on their own. Again, I revert to my first response in this thread. Uhhh, cool?Maybe t
  13. Naked Cowboy, I wish I could give you a standing ovation button, but I can't, so here's the best I can do.
  14. Will be there on Friday night through the next Friday.
  15. 100% will be there. For everybody: It's 18+ not 21+.
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