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  1. I've been mainly playing 25NL 10-hanged ring games online now, but more recently I've been reading posts from people who prefer the 6-max NL tables over the 10-seater games.I'm going to give the 6-max tables a go. Loosening up the hand range a little would be an obvious change, but I thought I'd ask how you think a 6-max table should be played differently over the full table?Is a 6-max game a better NL game over a full ring?
  2. So, the hero has a 31% to 37%-ish range of odds his hand at the flop, and the the hero has a $4 call to a pot that is $12.50 ($8.50 preflop + villain's $4 flop bet).Which gives the hero rougly 2:1 hand odds against 3:1 pot oddsEasy call on the flop with the read we have on the villain.At the turn, the villain adds another $7 in, so thats a $23.50 pot. So again, the hero is getting over 3:1 pot odds against a ball-park hand odds of 15% to 18% (im guessing here since Im at work atm) - ok not quite the 25% we need for 3:1, but considering again the hero's read of the villain I'd easily throw in t
  3. I ran all this through Pokerstove, trying a number of scenarios, varying the villain's hand range from any broadway (plus nines) to a flush&straight draw possiblity.The broadway scenario, if you peg the villain as a loose aggressive pot stealer, gives the hero about 69% equity here.If you assume the villain flopped himself a nice flush&straight draw here or he hit a set, then the hero's equity drops to about 18%.Give the villain credit for a playing like this with also just a straight draw, then it swings back up to 62% equity for the hero.Just to log a guess for when the actual outcom
  4. ok the oddest story about playing internet poker I've ever heard. "I call your punch in the nose and raise it with a bleeding lip!"great story - it made my afternoon
  5. just out of curiosity, how did the villain play during the rest of the session?
  6. I've been using Poker Office myself. I've only been playing poker for like 3 months so with a hand tracker at least I know why I suck. Having all your past hand stats at your disposal can never be bad.
  7. but I've learnt so much from this thread - like what not to do with a pair of 4s pre-flop ....and here I am trying to figure out "and I can learn what from this?"
  8. Damn I wish I had read this about 2 months ago.
  9. Damn, Im trying to learn from this hand and its making my head hurt. So was there a sign anywhere here for the hero to get out of this hand? As I was reading thru the hand, on the turn comes a K and the villain goes all in. At that point I was thinking "huh? Whats he got? All-in with what?" Should this have been the point to fold the hand?The other question is, how should the villain have played his hand? Was his check-call on the flop the right thing to do having flopped top set? And how should he have played the turn and the river?Im just trying to understand betting patterns better, so pard
  10. Congo rats from downunder, DN! :clap: :dance: :heartsa: :spadesa:
  11. I don't know if that's right, but Card Player's reporting 352k. ..and I don't think 410k quite adds up.either way, Im looking forward to tomorrow.
  12. ...no... please....noYes! That is right! Downunder supporters unite!Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! OI! OI OI!He is from Canada... enough said...Many of us here in Oz see Canadians as brothers anyways. We have very similar outlooks etc etc.Anyways, my support is AS an Aussie, not FOR an Aussie. I just like the guy. Just cheering for the team, so to speak
  13. ...no... please....noYes! That is right! Downunder supporters unite!Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! OI! OI OI!
  14. Final 10! you go dude!Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! OI! OI OI!
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