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  1. Laid down the winning hand today in Harrahs poker room. Can't stop beating myself up LOL. Here's how it wend down. I had AK unsuited. The flop was A,Q,6 action to my left bet 15, all folded but a Guy to my right, so I called too. the turn was a 9. action to my left checked and the guy to my right bet 25. After a long pause I folded, only to find that he had pocket A6 (2 pair) the other Guy called him with A4 and the river was another Q they wound up splitting the pot but I would have won with the K kicker. I had the Guy figured for 2 pair but didn't realize that I would have had a winner with the 2 Q's on the board. He basically scared be with the strong bet.

  2. I was in Harrah's AC poker room Playing 2-4 limit by which I never played before. All of the 1-2 no-limit tables were booked and I was 5th on the list. So I decided to give it a try. Most of the Guys were older retirees. right a way there was some Guy on the other end razzing everyone for their betting & play. there was a $200 high hand going every 1/2Hr. and there was 5Min. left in the next cession with a SF to the Q holding. So the feeling in the room was no one had a chance. I had taken a couple small pots from him in the beginning but he kept quiet. The next hand I was dealt J-10 hearts the flop was A Heart 4 + 4 I bet he raised. the turn was Q heart. I checked he raised. For some strange reason I was not paying attention and was fixed on rivering a strait. I did not realize the 4 hearts. The river came K heart. It was show down with him and he threw pocket kings and announced FULL HOUSE! At that exact time I realized I had a royal and threw it down. He made some comment about being slow played and I was cockey with it. When I raised my voice and told him that was BS, he quieted down. I did get a round of applause from the whole poker room. Made my day! Moved to another table and won some more $ Hit the roulette table and won a little more. Came home with a smile. Once in a life time hand.

  3. This is great Guys, thank you for the response! I have to say that I have been consistently winning in these games. In fact they even came up with a $5.00 penalty for miss deals. by which I did once or twice. but so have others. They also tried to explain this to me on several occasions as if I didn't understand the reasoning behind it. The perplexed look on my face that they must have deemed I didn't understand the explanation was really that fact that I knew it was WRONG and why were they trying to convince me!

  4. I have been playing in a monthly friendly cash game for 2Yrs. now Recently we have had some new players who know each other. They have a rule where if a player is "ALL IN" the others who called the bet should all check it down. I feel that it caused me to loose the game on several occasions. Especially when I had the nuts! For example I had mostly all of the chips and 1 guy was all in and the other 2 remaining guys called but only had about 2 blinds left. I was forced to just check, when I could have raised them all in with the nuts. I was told this was the moral thing to do. Is this so?

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