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  1. What I want to point out with the last two sentences, the typical affiliate program is getting destroyed. The concept of here read some content, get some coaching and you will be able to beat the fish. you just gonna hurt the casual players because their main profit comes from fish. Also most people are not going to be totally unaware and uninformed. Many already saw poker on tv or read about it in the internet, even if they don't apply it they will know what odds are and how to judge hand strengths. Plus they going to improve eventually and you got to give them a chance to build a
  2. I don't know the details so its just a assumption on that part but I just don't think Fulltilt was worth 900 Mio at that time. I just feel it is somehow like they bought a wrecked car, sure you can try to fix it but it will never be the same again. Also you will have an item that is almost identical to that what you already posses, what makes it even less beneficial for you. On the case of casino, I don't think that both work together as a single brand, Partypoker tried it and it didn't really went that well. The concept is different, in poker you compete with other players and in regul
  3. You should consider it first after you made enough money to retire. A solid education and career after it will almost for sure be good enough for you till you reach retirement, but with poker you just don't know what the future brings. You don't know how the poker market is going to evolve in 10 years or so. How much action you will be able to get, how tough your opponents will be and how good your poker skills are going to be in the future. It is a huge gamble for you and i would recommend you to gamble with your future if you don't need to.
  4. I don't know where to post it so I gonna do it here. 1. Acquiring Fulltilt. To buy Fulltilt Poker was a huge mistake in my opinion because the brand was noway near worth the money stars had to pay. When it comes to software and knowledge, Pokerstar was superior to FTP. When it comes to the brand name it was completely worthless after the scandal and was more damaging than beneficial. When it comes to the player pool most people would switch to Pokerstars anyway or leave FTP. Also many viewed it as FTP is Pokerstars now and not like two separate poker rooms, it was not l
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