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  1. But overused poker cliches are right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. In Japan there are poker clubs all over the place. since gambling for money is illegal in japan, these poker clubs open up which are really just internet cafes that cater to only playing online poker. you rent the computer per hour (biiiig $$) give the store X dollars to gamble with, and then you use one of their accounts. After you are done, they hand you your winnings (if you have any).So while it may be far fetched, it is possible that they are telling the truth.
  3. actually, that is the line matt damon says right after the women are the rake comment.
  4. why on god's green earth would you spent 4200/month to live in LA?!?
  5. damnit. FINE. i was thinking about having mad monkey butt sekz with him. HAPPY NOW?
  6. pwnd. my girlfriend thought he was patrik antonious. i was proving to her otherwise
  7. **WARNING** NOT SAFE FOR WORK...hell, not safe for most people's mental stabillity...but funny as hell. If you are easily offended, do not click on this link.http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&a...man&spell=1
  8. if you're lazy, and dont' want to build your own, dell comes in handy.
  9. i'll take the white horse instead...willie nelson.
  10. 42, and not a penny more, sir.
  11. I see this a lot as well, and in fact use it a bit too. While my reason for using it may be a bit higher level than the average pp player, I use it to minimize the amount I need to enter into a pot. When playing tight/semi-tight against a post flop passive table, if I'm out of position, and have a weak hand (top pair no kick or something) but a redraw that I know will win, putting out a small bet in relation to what you know the guy behind you will bet tends (note that i did not say always) to scare resulting in a call. now im in a much better place for my mediocre hand than getting stuck chec
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