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  1. semanticsThis (story) reminds me of the time I was in IKEA and there was this woman, very dyke-ish (is that a word) in front of me with this cute kid. The kid was decked out in REI gear, probably about 3, had long hair down to it's mid back. I asked how old her daughter was. She just ignored me. I thought she didn't hear me. So I asked again, "Excuse me, how old is your daughter?" She turns and mumbles something very rudely, and all I can make out is "3". My son was about the same age at the time and I said something to the affect of "oh my son is the same age as your daughter" she ignored me
  2. When Conor heals, if he is serious about wanting to fight and beat contenders, ideally I’d like to see him fight someone like Dan Hooker or Tony Ferguson. He fought Cowboy, why not fight one of these guys. If he can’t beat either of those guys he’s washed and should just call it a career. If he can beat them give him a top guy that’s not the Dagestani guy (whatever his name is) who would just maul Conor Or just fight Nate Diaz again and retire. If he knows he’s not as motivated anymore and is just fighting solely for the money then this is the way to go. I like this option the best
  3. Eh things could be better, I’m not dead though so I guess that’s a positive. I’m glad to see the forum didn’t break I tried to log in a few times and couldn’t get in. shit the signature for this Fez account is terrifying hold on I’m king_tanner again? Wtf is going on here
  4. I know where qyayqi the tomato is, I will bring him to you for a price, won’t be cheap.
  5. Lurbz your sig is the nut low, it’s like 5 miles long but I like you
  6. What is up with the tank tops? ...I like them
  7. Dear Mr. Daniel Naygreeonyou wHy ArE yOu TaNkInG? discuss?
  8. @Governator this is this guys 1st post since March 2014... just FYI. May want to ask for a payment first from him
  9. I paid. You guys who aren’t sure go into your transaction history and check, it’s not hard
  10. Here is his fcp profile: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forum/index.php?showuser=18919 He is friends with a lot of former fcp’ers and his family is definitely in need right now so don’t hesitate to donate if you are comfortable doing so. Here is the gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/mackensie-yeatons-medical-fund
  11. That kid can’t even spell survivor, he would have done whatever his tribemates told him to do. Lauren is worthless in challenges and has a brain, she will realize she is not friends with these people and will jump alliances at a merge or tribe switch. Horrible vote.
  12. the reactions were what I read on Twitter, Facebook, hearing people talking about it at a sports bar, co-workers, sports media reaction (this can be biased), etc. it was how I viewed the public reaction which is different from how you are viewing it which is fine, but I was not speaking of sports forums. The sports forum I participate in the most regularly had like 2 posts on it
  13. from what I saw from reactions on the internet and from talking to people about it, the main conversation was the decision. Like all I was seeing and hearing was "did Paquiao really lose that fight?" and "boxing is so stupid." I could be off, I don't know. To me boxing is stupid though, the day after we have to read articles about how Pacquiao is done and he should have retired awhile ago when everyone knows he won the fight. Just in general it's exhausting hearing people discuss boxing polititcs year after year when there shouldn't be any boxing politics. We are a sophisticated society t
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