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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a 22 year old boy from Italy, been playing online for like 2-3 years now on micro stakes, never won or lost much, I deposited 10$ 3 years ago and I keep playing with them as of today, my bankroll just shifts between 15 and 20$, haven't tried to get serious about poker yet, but I'm thinking about it. Yesterday a friend and I found a tournament 10$ buyin for 1500$ guaranteed prize, we didn't care much about cashing since we knew it was pretty unlikely for us to win as it was our first time ever sitting at a poker table, so we set our goal to go there, have fun, get comfortable, and survive for an hour. It was a monday, so there weren't too many players, 40ish total, but they kept rebuying so nobody actually left for a while. In the end we both lasted 2 hours, had a lot of fun, we want to go there again and start taking out our A game. We were a bit overwhelmed by the flow of the tables, having to count chips and not knowing how much there is in the pot etc etc.. we ended up playing a bit too tight, I believe the only hands I played with were AT, AJ, AQ, AK, KK, QQ, nothing else haha, definitely too tight. And I actually flopped a poker of Ks with that KK hand. I spent a ton of time staring at the good players and noticed they were suuuuuper aggressive to the point where the one time two of them collided they got to showdown with a jack high and a 64o. But that was about it, in every other showdown they had the goods. Now I'm trying to prepare for the next time, I'll definitely have to widen my range of hands, but I'm not entirely sure how should I play around those guys, they're loose-aggressive so I can take them a big pot when I have a good hand, but most of the time I don't and I still want to win the pots and not starve off blinds. Few things I noticed about my game that I want to avoid doing again: - Not being fully aware of how big the pot is, how much I'm betting and how many chips I have - Acting too fast just to not slow down the flow of the game - Not being aggressive when I enter the pot - Being very keen to fold to bets/raises, scared of aggressiveness essentially If anyone has any advice, my friend and I would be very grateful, and thank you all for your time
  2. Read that again. Daniel said that too, and then he thought "why don't I become "that guy"?" As you can see, checking the flop can be a lot more beneficial and can mislead opponents, they're the ones guessing.
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