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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a 22 year old boy from Italy, been playing online for like 2-3 years now on micro stakes, never won or lost much, I deposited 10$ 3 years ago and I keep playing with them as of today, my bankroll just shifts between 15 and 20$, haven't tried to get serious about poker yet, but I'm thinking about it. Yesterday a friend and I found a tournament 10$ buyin for 1500$ guaranteed prize, we didn't care much about cashing since we knew it was pretty unlikely for us to win as it was our first time ever sitting at a poker table, so we set our goal to go there, have fun, get comf
  2. Read that again. Daniel said that too, and then he thought "why don't I become "that guy"?" As you can see, checking the flop can be a lot more beneficial and can mislead opponents, they're the ones guessing.
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