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  1. Hero? goes all-in. You want to see both the turn and river. I think it is just as likely that he has an overpair than a set. Opinions on this?
  2. 50/100 is a good time to start. If the table is still full, I usually wait a little longer enabling me to pick off the bigger blinds even more after folding 100 hands in a row.
  3. I agree, I at least toss this with any overcards or to a big bet on the flop. This is one of few situations that I think that you should play weak with only one overcard on the flop.
  4. At low limit games especially, you'll run into a guy who goes all in every hand heads up. This is mainly because they don't want to get outplayed post flop and mathematically, the blinds are big enough to make it profitable to steal almost every hand. To deal with these guys, flame superpros if u want to, I have some tips that have helped me pick up more wins.1. When your the short stack. - you will have to gamble and probably get lucky, especially when the blinds are high. - You should be the aggressor and make him fold cause 1 blind is at least 1/5 your stack. - you might just have to c
  5. I'm in. I'd imagine we'll be able to register tonite. I want this one. I need a vacation.
  6. I want that dude to sit at my table. I especially liked it when he said "was dreaming about lasting the day, building a nest egg, getting lucky a few more times, maybe even making it through the week …"Who hopes to get lucky. I always try to put myself in a position where I just don't wanna get unlucky. Both of these guys played the hand terribly. The only thing he did right was get all his chips in with top 2 pair. I just love dudes who like having K-10 with people to act before and after him.On a similar note, did anybody else notice how bad the feature table at the main event was in t
  7. I would keep your lineup almost the same, except for having John Juanda replacing Chau Giang in seat 3. Oh and Phil Hellmuth replacing David Benyamine. No disrespect, but maybe the alien would just pick up and leave cause he'd get so sick of Hellmuth bitching about how bad his luck is and how he outplays everybody and...
  8. I have the exact same problem with a different file. It just crashes everything it runs into. I haven't found a solution for it except that if you open the file in vlc, it plays, but it still crashes the windows folder. I thought it might have been a bad download, so I erased it, dowloaded it again, and still had the problem. If someone has a solution, I'd love to hear it. This has got me stumped.
  9. I havent been there in a while, but I play there when I want to play live. I was really impressed with them compared to the other casino's in the area. I usually play the 3-6 limit tables though. Game is really juicy on fridays and saturdays. 6 to 10! people per flop. Just waiting for big pairs and suited connectors. Can't handle them NL swings lol.
  10. You don't know what your talking about.there, I said it.
  11. I started a topic about this once, use search function for my posts. It won't be hard to find, I don't post that often. Short story... I got my money back and it's happened to quite a few people on this forum. NETELLER is pretty good about it. PM me if you have any questions.smrphf
  12. very nice, I laughed my @$$ off again.
  13. I might be truly mean, but seriously...I love looking the guy in the face when I take his money.this being said, I like live play better, but I prob play 90% online, bummer.
  14. In all honesty, I really feel that this lawsuit is really going to screw the players. The online gaming industry is in the spotlight right now and all the players in the lawsuit are sponsored by the...online gaming industry. Everybody keeps saying that nobody knows what they're talking about and it doesn't affect them. I think it affects the whole poker community. Online sites sponsor WPT events (PPM) and online sites send players to WPT events. I personally love playing online and in live games, and all this negative publicity that's about to happen really pisses me off. Who does the la
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