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  1. just wanted to point out a pretty key fact that doesn't seem to have been mentioned, cigarettes are addictive and people almost always have a hard time quitting. marijuana isn't addictive. the only reason people ever have a hard time quitting marijuana is because they're used to the lifestyle and hang around the same people who smoke weed, and of course having it around just adds to the temptation. but when you quit smoking cigarettes, even if it's not nearby you still get cravings, you gain weight, etc etc.
  2. Please rethink this, and come back with something better.What I mean is the longer you play against the same money for an extended period of time (without them rebuying), the less you will end up getting when you break them. For example, if someone buys in with $100, and you play for an hour before taking all their money, you'll probably only be up around $70-80. On the other hand, if someone buys in with $100 and you break them in the first hand, because of the maximum rake you'll get $99.75. Therefore it's to your advantage to play as few hands as possible, and when possible win pots preflop
  3. the rake headsup takes alot of money off the table, but unless you play against the same person for a long time you'll still make some money
  4. weak sauce...oh well, I guess I'll just hafta age faster
  5. Just wondering, why is the minimum age to be your protege 19 years old? 18 year olds can play poker just as legally as 19 year olds, so why the extra year?
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