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    Car Talk

    I drove my buddy's Subaru Legacy last night. It has a turbo engine and dual clutch transmission or something like that. Anyways, it felt awesome compared to my Accord, lol.That is all.
  2. I've always been a Conan supporter, loving the new show so far.
  3. Thank you, that was very necessary.
  4. $1k hands of BJ, damn. Nice job on getting the hell out of there after that.I haven't even cracked $100 yet.
  5. Latest Twitter:"176k end of level.. Just playrf a hand awesome. Very proud of myself. Had a dead read on a guy and pounded the action"Awesome!!
  6. Where did you hear all of this?From what I've gathered, Gillis doesn't like long-term contracts. I understand the strategy though, it's what Detroit has done with Zetterberg and Franzen.Gaborik would be a good gamble if it's not too costly and not long-term because of his obvious injury risk.
  7. Season 3 was kinda crappy to me, so I hope this one is much better.Loved the first 2 seasons, though.
  8. Zach, my buddy Andrew has Detroit in 6.He left me an MSN message at about 5:00pm today and I didn't see it until just now. I can provide proof if needed.
  9. Rypien re-signed for 2 years, $550k per year.Basically a small raise on his last contract, which is fair considering he's only played 41 games as a Canuck.
  10. Maybe down there in the U.S., but not up here in Canada.Price are definitely higher than when I was last there.I don't care though, I barely eat fast food.
  11. I watched season 2 over the last week.Some filler episodes and plotholes, but I enjoyed it for the most part.The last 5 or so episodes were really strong.I really want to see a season 3 taken place in the future with some cutbacks to Sarah in the present/past to close out her story.
  12. All I have to say is that it's nice to have him on 2 fantasy teams. I hope he's clean, he seems to be a good dude and a great player obviously.
  13. Reelishymn


    When our casino first got Craps I had a sick little run, didn't crap out for about 30-40 minutes. 4+ hours must've been intense as hell.It's a pretty fun game... only when the dice are hot though. lol
  14. We had a little craving for Mexican food last night and since there's nothing authentic around here, Taco Bell was the only option.I haven't been there in years and damn they're really gone downhill. The place was empty and they jacked up their prices, which I guess go hand in hand.The food still sucks too.
  15. No Lidstrom, no Datsyuk, no Draper. No problem.
  16. That was a sick hit, I think Havlat died.The Hawks pulled Khabi to start the 3rd, interesting.
  17. He put up 1g-1a in his first 2 games, but nothing in the next 2 games. I think he's mostly playing on the 2nd or 3rd line.
  18. Yeah, I have no idea either.I've done transfers without problem in the past.
  19. I remember seeing Claude Lemieux play 1-on-1 vs some guy, gooned him up a bit. lol
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