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  1. I like that you're hiring me and then firing me because you can't find a place for me. Cane - it's always good to have a devil's advocate.
  2. uuuuuuuugh. when doyle bruson tells you to knock it off, you knock it off. what a clown.
  3. Trying to put words into people's mouths and attribute people to groups they don't belong to is just bullshit trolling.
  4. I've never said anything to the point you attributed to the first group of republicans, nor do i even consider myself a republican, despite you deciding to label me and el guapo of being republicans and merely hedging the positions of other posters.On the contrary, i wish the rabid fox news parrots would shut up more frequently, because the times they do hit on a legitimate concern it's completely overshadowed by the hundreds of other nonsensical complaints they've been searching for every week to keep themselves worked up.My point, quite simply, was "I'd honestly prefer the president, no matt
  5. Exactly. Who cares where the president is on a day to day basis? He's getting the info he needs to matter what. I'd honestly prefer the president, no matter who it is, out of the day to day affairs of people and companies anyway.
  6. As much as I viscerally disagree with you on a lot of stuff... this 100%.
  7. ha.seriously though, those jedi knight games were ridiculously fun.
  8. They can accomodate 3.5k players theoretically for each days 1c and 1d. They are well into the mid 2,000s for day 1c so far with a line still at registration from what i just heard.Day 1d is closed temporarily to funnel people into day 1c since over half of the 3,500 seats for 1d already sold out. This will be, at the least, the second largest main event field in history, if not the largest.
  9. I would bet the over on 7,000 easily. I think 8k is a solid guess.
  10. I think that you make a point that's going somewhere LLY, but people don't have to be 100% liquid for henrys arguement to have any validity. I personally know both people and companies that have moved to texas from NY and california specifically for tax reasons. The department of the bank I work for used to exist in NY. It was cheaper for it to exist as a subsidiary in dallas, so they moved it here. Yes, these are anecdotal, but these things do happen over a long enough time period of economic incentive, something I think your point about timeliness is acknowledging. However, I think you
  11. Maybe he's only concerned with the economy for the rest of his life now that he's in his 80s?There is a *staggering* amount of MAJOR real estate around the world owned by huge PE and RE funds which are sponsored by what are now banks or affiliates of banks (thanks barry). Funds of this type will cease to be formed under this rule because it's not worth it for the banks to raise all the capital, arrange the leverage, source the investments, etc. if they can only invest 3% of their own capital in the returns. The alternative is charging huge management fees to compesate for not being able to p
  12. We just got our internal analysis of what is expected to be in the final text of the "Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010" next week and wow that went from a bill of reasonable and prudent suggestions to the salem witch trials fast. The Volcker rule is so short sighted it's hilarious.
  13. How is this any better?(I third the not caring, I've lost the ability for sustained rage after obamacare passed)
  14. I 100% vote for this guy for president of everything. His one problem would be his accent, but hey, if america can handle a texas accent, they can handle a jersey one.
  15. in this economy i can't even get a position in our fake government. sighball
  16. I'm really sorry "your friend" had an imprecise perception of what the WSOP is, but that doesn't mean that your skewed perception should change how the massive and logistically extremely complicated event should be organized. You don't see how there could be any difficulties with walking 2,000 people through an extra room every two hours so that the people playing smaller tournaments in that room can *look at them* instead of letting people use the hallways? Seriously, please re-read what you just wrote and think about it from an organizers standpoint and in the context of how the rio is lai
  17. Hey sir, nice to play with you. Our starting table was ridic. I don't know if you realized it, but the guy to my left was a commerce mid / high stakes mix reg who came over from a 50-100 13 game mix in pavilion to play the tournament and to his left was matt grapenthein, a mix game sicko who has a bunch of WSOP cashes in HORSE / stud / LHE events and has played the 50k horse a couple times. By the time mickey appleman got there matt said it was a harder table than any of his starting tables in the $50k. Sighaments. Oh, diego is a FT pro who i've played with in 7 game before and he's a lit
  18. Um, does your friend realize there's a huge spectators entrance to the amazon room? Because there's a 12 foot wide banner that says "spectators entrance", and extremely easy access to the 4 featured tables in the amazon room for spectators. Last week they even lined up the last 4-5 tables of the $10K LHE event ALONG THE RAIL for spectators, even though they could have easily given the players more space and privacy elsewhere in the room.They have to have two rooms to make it easier to manage events. There can easily be 4-5 events running at one time. The ones that are on days 2-3 can be co
  19. wtf i must have missed that whole episode somehow.
  20. hawaii was awesome. the trip back from hawaii was brutal, i feel like i need a vacation from it. awake / traveling 40+ hours to get from hawaii -> houston -> dallas to be at work today out of necessity since i leave for my week at the wsop friday.
  21. A+ trolling. Ignore the dozen posts I made directed at you in threads you were reading and respond to this one. High five! Ok... pretend to not understand how basic supply and demand works for a pleasant lie to pass the cluster**** of the healthcare bill. Better?
  22. I had to stop here because the brightest minds working for Obama don't seem to understand freshman level economics. I think petroleum engineering might be a bit of a stretch for them.
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