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  1. don rickles at age 1, eating cake.
  2. meh, i can deal with flu-like symptoms for a couple days a few times a year if i'm being a good provider, father, husband etc.they're adorable!
  3. + a one year old and a wife. I sleep a pretty consistent 4 hours a night until the stress of it builds up too much and i get sick every few months.
  4. While I participate in discussions far less frequently than I used to, primarily due to the relatively open workspace I reside in these days, I still read the thread for the stories. I mostly just read you, beans and a smattering of others depending on the subject matter (speedz vet school etc). Both of my jobs center around searching for weaknesses or problems. When you do that for 14-16 hours a day, it's very hard to switch to "complimentary mode", so that's probably a good read on your part. Consider this my worthless seal of approval.
  5. we get it, you hate israel. when daniel writes a blog about israel-mideast relations, your input will be "super valuable".you making new threads for it every week is not.
  6. hey, remember what happenned last time you posted propagandist garbage? hint: it's right here and you got your ass handed to you. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=143027go away.We talk about politics here because daniel made his unequivocal support for obama and distaste for republicans a seminal point in his blogs for the better part of a year. It's at the very least tangentially related to this "daniel's blog forum". The weird crap you post is not.
  7. the "part one" nature of wang's story implies there's a second part. as does the part about him starting to write up the second part.... i want to read the second part.
  8. The bill carves out special (positive) treatment for Freddie and Fannie backed securities, which were a primary source of junk securities that got us in a lot of this problem in this first place. Bill does nothing to address the issues and incentives that caused banks to make loans they shouldn't make in the first place. Bill misses a lot of opportunities to help and encourage de-leveraging by banks and individuals that are over leveraged.
  9. this is a fantastic resolution to a very sticky problem. good on pokerstars.
  10. *world's largest sigh*I actually played with amak at the bellagio during the series. He said worked in insurance in canada after he graduated for a while, then quit because he didn't like his job a few weeks ago with no plans or ideas of what to do next. He was in vegas on vacation. Also, he called a 4bet PF with QQ and flopped a set to my AA, except I didn't stack off this time because he has the same eyebrow and posture tells from 3 years ago I saw him short stacking 5-10 the last day I was there.I don't know what I would have done had I gotten the protege results-wise because tournamen
  11. From one person who avoids birthdays like the plague to another,
  12. I mean, it's hard to discuss when i don't know any more details. The OPs link references this: http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/25481. That's a blog entry on a super liberal blogsite named after an insult to Bush, and the blog provides no point of reference to where it's getting its numbers. The blog says "The ratio of executive salary to the average paycheck during the mid-twentieth century was about thirty to one. In the last decade it has ranged from three hundred to over five hundred to one." That seems... impossible? Unless they're referring to the lowest level workers in multinati
  13. I got 6 statistics in and stopped because they're all mind blowingly retarded.- 83 percent of all U.S. stocks are in the hands of 1 percent of the people.This study this statistic came from isn't referenced anywhere in the place it cites as a "source", which isn't anything more than a glorified blog. Does it mean number of shares? Market cap? Either way it seems like a proposterous statistic considering how many people's 401Ks are invested in mutual funds and the other ways that people, and specifically institutions (which a big chunk of your middle class "investment money" is invested thro
  14. No, our trade deficit is driven by petroleum, much of which we burn or blow up to make sure we stay at a constant weight.
  15. look, i'm trying to impress the boss here, ok? You sure you're ready to be a mother anyway?
  16. I assure you, there are few places I want to encroach less than LG's "territory". Unless the price was right.
  17. Director of writeoffs and procreation?
  18. I can keep track of the upcards like nobody's business, i'm extremely fertile, and i'm really good at writing stuff off.
  19. Sounds like a highly paid outside consultant position then.
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