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  1. Jonas, I love you. I would lend my arguments to your cause, but you're being far more eloquent and reasoned than I could hope to be on this issue.
  2. I wasn't referring to any discernable group of people with "we" unless you are aware of who my closest poker friends are somehow. Tons of people from 4bb still post here, and even in this thread. It's realy silly though that I make a post that in any way could paint DN in a bad light and people either troll me (hi BG) or indicate that I shouldn't be able to comment on a hand or chain of events for whatever reason both because "everyone would have done the same thing" and "you can't possibly understand what's going on in that game" (those are kinda the opposite).I thought it was weird to post
  3. oh right, that's why we don't post here anymore.
  4. yes. not if shoving gets a hand to fold that would have bluffed the river.
  5. i guess it was that he followed it up with the comment that implied these sessions were why people seemed afraid to play him.every horrible downswing i've ever had was preceded by talking about my postive results publicly so it scares me a bit.sick golf tan tho.
  6. i intentionally left my interpretation of the strategy of the hand out, i just thought bragging about a session that was 80% the result of a suckout is kinda strange. my response to the strategy would be the question: what is he hoping will call his bet on the turn that he has beat and what will fold that neats him?
  7. go DN and all, but ...Poker Stars $100/$200 No Limit Hold'em $50 Ante - 3 playersThe Official 2+2 Hand Converter Powered By DeucesCracked.comFiSHeYe1984 (BTN): $66249.50KidPoker (SB): $50649.50Sleyde (BB): $20000.00Pre Flop: ($450.00)FiSHeYe1984 raises to $600, KidPoker raises to $2400, 1 fold, FiSHeYe1984 calls $1800Flop: ($5150.00) 7 8 A (2 players)KidPoker bets $3200, FiSHeYe1984 raises to $8600, KidPoker calls $5400Turn: ($22350.00) J (2 players)KidPoker checks, FiSHeYe1984 bets $17600, KidPoker raises to $39599.50 all in, FiSHeYe1984 says "oh come on daniel", FiSHeYe1984 says "really?", K
  8. hey, is the vet trying to give my dog a bordatella vaccine every time he freaking gets groomed a scam? is he really going to get whatever the hell that is if he doesn't get a vaccine every 6 months and should I care?
  9. will be having sex for tater tots shortly.I, however, haven't had sex in over a week. so let me reiterate, HUD.
  10. I think it's really weird that belief in God = racist to you. would i be less of a racist if i had married my brunette ex-gf?
  11. It used to be Kaleigh Karin Albums, because that's her name.Now it's Kaleidoscope Albums because no one could spell her name. There an A and a D between the Ks... Is it just me being a conservative that makes you think i'm a racist? Yeah, i've asked her to take it off repeatedly. I will ask again. She turned it off once at my request and had 2 of her clients email her that they missed it. Her main clients are high end photographers, and they are generally weirdos.
  12. mute your computer and click here:http://kaleidoscopealbums.com/index2.phpit's her company. she's started to do baby albums as well.
  13. pirate was the same way with mason. Now mason likes to feed him, so they're forming a much deeper food-based bond. when you get enough pictures you want to keep you should consider hiring my wife. j/s
  14. no argument here.btw your baby is cute. how do the dogs like her?
  15. i mean, she really does look a lot like my wife, who almost won the "most attractive spouse/gf" competition a few years ago.
  16. edit: i have seen CB's wife (worlds collide, etc) she is cut from the same mold as my wife. feel free to cheer.
  17. It was very much in earnest. I don't know you or your relationship nearly well enough to be a dick to someone going through a painful divorce; I was genuinely curious.
  18. Thanks for writing that, it was very interesting and enlightening.
  19. sounds like you're going to be a game tester?
  20. I don't bake, i have a wife.I grill.
  21. Perhaps i'm misinterpreting, but your posts seem to not really jive on the issue. You make her seem both like she's going to humiliate you publicly for something and that some "arguments = on" switch flipped as soon as you got married. As long as you're being open, what was the real impetus for this? Again, I think I'm probably just reading far too much into this, but it feels like you're skirting around not saying that you F'd up something really bad. I think I have a pretty great marriage. We fight about stuff from time to time, but we talk through it and get over it. Before we got mar
  22. don't resist, please join.get me on AIM if you decide to
  23. project1999.orgis eating my life since i found it last week. let me know if you want someone to play with.
  24. i'm either going to love or hate this season. One of the of young guys' jobs is "luxury broker".dear God...
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